Need info on how to smoke and then dry poblanos

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  1. I have loads of poblanos. I have a lot already roasted and froze in the freezer. In fact my freezer is full of different peppers and I still have dozens of poblanos on the vine. I want to smoke and dry them whole like you see them in the store. If anyone has done that please give me the steps,involved. What type of wood. How much smoke. I have a large smoker so I would like to dry them in the smoker. What temp do you recommend? And finally what are some of the uses for them once you have them dried.

  2. I found this on a different site:  Just lay them out on metal pizza screens (or those cheap grill screens you see in the grilling section of your local market), and smoke for 8-12 hours, depending on the peppers, at between 185-200. The bigger the peppers, usually the longer they take to dry. You can half them lengthwise first to get more surface area. Caution: If you don't dry them thoroughly, they'll mold.

    I believe Mesquite is traditional, and works very well.

    You can grind them for chili powder or use them whole in adobo sauce.

    Here's a post I found here as well:
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  3. Thanks for the response. Gonna try it tomorrow.
  4. I look forward to the outcome. Please document your method here so we can all see how it goes.
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    The link provided will give you good info.

    I haven't done it for a couple of years, but I smoked quartered red bells to make paprika.

    If I recall it was about 2 1/2 hours in the 240 to 250 range.

    You will have no problems.

    Waiting to see your results.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  6. Well this will be my third attempt at posting this. First two times I submitted but it never posted.
    I got up early this morning. And laid out the peppers. I decided to open them up but cut them in half. I wanted to keep them whole. No reason really besides appearance. Since this is my first time doing this there is a it of a learning curve going on.

    I decided to go with mesquite. I put enough pellets in for about a 4 hour smoke. Don't know if that will be enough or not.
    Here they are after 5 hours in the smoker.
    I pulled them out and decided to finish drying them in my Nesco. I set the temp to 135 and will let it run all night. It sure does make the house smell good. I will post the finished product tomorrow.
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    They will surely be better than store bought...  Look good.....   Dave
  8. Here is finished product after all night in the Nesco.
    Here they are in their storage jars. The cayenne peppers are from a few weeks ago. Still have a lot more of those do yet.
    All in all everything turned out great, it was a lot easier than I thought it would. For the next batch I will probably up the smoke time a few hours. I tasted a piece of both the jalepeno and the poblano and they had a nice flavor, nowhere near being over smoked.
    Thanks for looking.
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    FK, afternoon......  hey, throw them back in the smoker now....  won't hurt a thing...    Dave
  10. That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. Next weekend I will do a bigger batch and lay these out again for some extra smoke.
  11. The finished product looks great!

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