need ideas for an AMNPS mod to Weber Kettle

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by jjwdiver, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Like the tiles says...  I have been having some issues regulating tempos and keeping the AMNPS going using the Weber Kettle. I wish I could just go get a WSM, but that is just not in the budget in the foreseeable future.

    Any ideas out there?  I'm thinking some kind of an attachment to the bottom of the kettle to mount the AMNPS and feed directly into the kettle, but still be able to use the lower and upper vents. I have the kettle with the single lower 3-blade wing and the standard top...22" model.   I just can figure out how it would work.

    The issue I have is when I use the temps are high (above 300) and if I close the lower vent the amnps goes out, but closing the top vent barely affects the temps (using the minion method)

    I welcome any ideas!

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    You will probably need to start a very small fire and add charcoal to it from time to time. Or with the minnion method, make a ring around the kettle just one layer deep, 3 or 4 briquettes wide and leave a space between the ends so you can light it & the fire will go around the ring one way. This way you may be able to run it with the bottom vents open & it won't get too hot.
  3. I will give that a try, Al...thanks!   Got some butts and a brisket, plus will be doing a Turkey coming up. I best be getting it figured out!!!

  4. I don't use the AMNPS but I do use a weber kettler for most of my cooks.  I simply pile charcoal and a few chunks of wood on one side and use one parafin starter cube to light it.  I get 6+ hours that way. It's probably more indirect grilling than smoking but I keep the temps low and get a smoke ring.  I did ribs and chicken last weekend.  If I need more time like with a brisket I can simply add fuel.


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    How about adding an aquarium pump to force some air to your AMNPS?

    Can you find a cheapie down there?

    If not, I can send you one.

  6. Pump would work, Todd. The issue I have with using one is that electricity here is 45 cents a KWh. I know a pump wont use alot, but we are on a tight budget and trying to conserve here. I once had a weber kettle with more than one bottom vent and that thing would be great.   I really just need to do alot more smokes and just figure it out once and for all.  Went nearly 2 months without the AMNPS and was jonesin'!!!!!

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    Keep a log of your Smokes and review them to catch errors and adjust next time.....

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