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  1. ziggyj144

    ziggyj144 Newbie

    Hi I was wanting to know where the best place is to cut the hole at for a mail box mod in a mes analog smoker? Do I need to put in a bigger vent hole at the top also?

     Thanks for the help

  2. daveomak

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    Jimmie, morning and welcome to the forum.....   I suggest you install the elbow, or what ever in the mailbox first...  decide where you want it...  adjust the "elbow" to where it will enter the smoker and then cut the hole in the smoker.... 

    Have you searched "mailbox mods" to see what others have done....  No point in reinventing the wheel...    see what works for others first....  

  3. ziggyj144

    ziggyj144 Newbie

    Yes I have read a lot of the posts on this forum, but they look to be on the mes that has the outside chip loader. The mes that I have only has a small drain hole in the bottom and one small hole in the back at the top. I just want to cut once and have it right the first time.

       Thank you

  4. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Jimmie, evening.....  I don't have the analog smoker so I don't know what the configuration is inside, near the bottom of the smoker where the hole should go....     For the holes, you will need in the top portion of the smoker, you will need a step drill....  Look inside the smoker at the side panels... near the top say about 2" or so from the top panel...... You should be able to find a spot on each opposite side where a hole could be drilled....   I would start with 2 each 1/2" holes in each side.... one hole near the front and one near the back, on each side....about 2" or so from the top panel.... That will give you 4 holes near the top of the smoker....  that should be enough for good air flow and the AMNPS to work properly...   

    For the mailbox mod, you will need to figure where the MB will be sitting and where it will connect to the smoker body.....    connect the hose or elbow to the MB, The same can be done for connecting the elbow to the smoker body....  an elbow is not necessary if you use a straight connecting nipple/coupling.....  (see pics below) ....   

    Here are a couple installs....  and some instructions installing elbow to MB....    






    Mark the hole using the outside of the elbow as a template and cut inside the line to make the

    hole the same size as the OD of the elbow...... Mark a line around the elbow 3/4" or so from the end...

    Snip 16 cuts up to the line... Bend every other tab out 90 deg to the tube... insert tube and tabs into the MB...

    Bend inside tabs out to complete the fastening.... I did not see any smoke leaking around the elbow....

    Done with care, it should be a pretty tight seal...  It will rotate for a convenient fit up to the smoker.....

    Elbows and flex are 3".....   

    You might be able to see where I cut inside the line for a tight fit....  

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]
  5. ziggyj144

    ziggyj144 Newbie

    Thanks for al the help dave. I will get the piping and the hole punch from work tomorrow, cant wait to try the AMNPS in the smoker and not just the grill. 

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