need help with summer sausage please

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by tomtopping, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,  I am making up 15lbs of beef summer sausage  picked up the hi mountain garlic cracked pepper kit.Reading reviews on this kit in thinking I might want a more powerful flavor what you guys think I should add to the already pre-mixed seasoning ??
  2. nepas

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    Just add a Tbs extra, mix and taste. If you need more add another.
  3. ab canuck

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    Mix it well, When done, take a bit out make a small patty and cook it, See what you think, It will give you an IDEA of end product but not the same, You can doctor it up from there until you are satisfied. Write down what you do for future reference.  We do this with all of our sausages. 
  4. Perfect thanks guys.what is your opinions on the hi mountain garlic and cracked pepper summer sausage seasoning flavor??
  5. boykjo

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    What reviews were you reading. I've searched and read mostly great reviews about the seasoning. IMO I would follow the directions and see if it comes out good first. on your next batch if you want more seasoning then add it like rick said. If you add it now and its too much, not good to waste 15 lbs of beef. 

    If you would like to add different flavors you could add some chopped jalapeno's or some high temp cheese or some olives
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  6. I believe it was on bass pro site>I never said they were bad reviews  just that people are tweaking the original seasoning that comes in the kit
  7. halfsmoked

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    I'm no help here I've not made any sausage yet but I'm interested in how this turns out and what if any changes you made and how you liked the end product.


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