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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rbnj, May 28, 2013.

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    Hi, I just purchased the Masterbuilt Dual Fuel ProSmoker from Home Depot and made the modifications to it and it held the temp perfectly. My problem is this, I brined a 2.5lb Boston Butt for 8 hrs.  I also took a slab of ribs 1lb and did not brine them put both in the smoker with a probe in the pork butt to keep track on the internal temp. I have read that a pork butt should be smoked at 1.5 hrs per pound with a finished internal temp at anywhere between 140 and 200. 200 if you want pulled pork, this pork I wanted sliced not pulled. 

    Well 1.5 hrs per lb did not calculate correctly because it took 7 hrs to get the internal temp to 156. When I took it out it had a great smoked flavor but was too dry. The ribs I took out about an hour earlier and they also had a great smoked flavor but were tough and chewy not tender and juicy and falling off the bone.  This is my first attempt at smoking meat so I need some help here. Any suggestions on what went wrong and how to correct this .  I smoked at 200-215 degrees.

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    Hi Russ.

    It sounds like a couple of things to adjust. First, run your smoker a little hotter. 200 isn't really high enough. For butts and ribs, I generally run the smoker in the 225-250 range, with butts a little hotter. Second, the butts was under cooked. Even for sliced, I take the IT of butts to 185-190, and for pulled to 200 or higher. The ribs probably weren't done either. It's tough to accurately test rib IT, so use the bend test:

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    Gotta show us some q-views! We like to see pictures of what you are doing!

    Noticed that this is your 1st post here on SMF.....would you mind popping in at Roll Call so we can give you a proper SMF Welcome?

    You will get a link to Jeff's free 5 day E-Course....and it will help with some of your questions too!


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