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  1. I want to try my hand at some home made sausage. The recipe I want to try calls for corn syrup solids and powdered dextrose. Spent a hour at my local wally world and can not find them. What are they and does anyone know where I can find them? Is there something I could use as a replacement? Also, where do you find the Tender Quick for curing? Thanks for the help!
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    powdered dextrose (basically sugar) can be found at your local homebrew shop (for making your own beer.....), however you might want to check out places on the net for sausage making for everything else, you will not find that stuff at wally world..... is one place, many others......

    as for tenderquick, well I can get it at my local grocery store, but sometimes it's hard to find and in fact many times not called out for in many sausage recipes (usually it calls for praque 1 or 2) and again you might have to result back to the net for this....for tenderquick it's a mortons product, many of the net sites do supply not subsitute it for praque however, they are not equivalants.....

    if you let us know the recipe we can also help in substitutes or otherwise, myself or debi or many others here are more then willing to help......let us know
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    Dont make my own sausage, but a great site to visit is from one of our own. Wealth of info including sausage making and tips.
  4. Here is the recipe that I have:
    10lbs lean ground meat
    4Tbl salt
    2tsp curing salt
    2tsp liquid smoke
    3Tbl corn syrup solids
    3Tbl powdered dextrose
    2Tbl mustard seed
    1Tbl white pepper
    2Tbl black pepper
    1tsp coriander seed
    1tsp garlic granules
    1 cup cold water
    1 cup flavor Binder 86, or 2 cups dry milk

    I guess it does not specify Tender Quick, it says curing salt. Hope this helps. If you have any recomendations, I'll be happy to take them. Thanks.
  5. smoked

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    since it calls for "curing salts" I'd say to use prague 1, especially with the amount called out....
  6. walking dude

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    tender local Hy-Vee, its in the spice section........

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    Hey Bdlight -

    What are you making? Looks like Old Fashion Loaf or German Brats. Frisco Spice has about the best price for Corn Syrup solids and corn Sugar if you can't get it locally. I just placed an order a few days ago myself. I use them for sausage and brewing but I can't buy it locally.

    Smoked -

    Just ordered some starters - Bactofermâ„¢ F-RM-52 and Bactofermâ„¢ LHP from Butcher Packer. Time to start making Chrstmas presents. I have a few fermented salamis I want to try.

    Shell - I finally ordered that book you reconmended (I hope) was it "Charcuterie - The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing?
  8. The recipe calls it summer sausage. I had no idea making sausage had all these ingredients in it! I looked lastnight at several stores in town, could not find the ingredients. Guess I'll have to order them on line. Since I couldn't make sausage, I worked on 5lbs of jefky. I'll drop it in the smoker tonight and see how it turns out. Thanks for the input
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    Try a bulk food store ... dextrose is corn sugar, used a lot in homemade beer.
  10. deejaydebi

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    Just to let you know ... I placed my order with Butcher Packer late Monday night/ Tuesday morning and it got here today (well yesterday now actually) not bad 3 days.
  11. smoked

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    I figured it to be a summer sausage with the ingredients...... you probably in fact could get by without the corn syrup solids, but it does help give it more "tang" and sweetness. and again, with the curing salt that it calls out for you are looking for either prague 1 or instacure ` (essentially both are the same)......
  12. Thanks for the input. I'm going to find the right ingredients, I tried substituting ingredients for jerky and had to toss 5 pounds.
  13. gremlin

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    I just bought some of that corn syrup solids stuff and dextrose for some new recipes I'm gonna try...
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    The ingredients corn syrup solids and powdered dextrose.That you are looking for can be purchase from a company out of New York. The sausage maker inc. You also can go to their web sitr to order anything you need for smokin or sausage miking. or a company out of hillboro New Hampshire. Sausage source. their web site is or you can call Rick at 1-800-978-5465. Hopefuly this will help you out to make those recipes you want to make. happy smokin.[​IMG] jonny smoke house.
  15. I went on line and ordered the proper ingredients. Mixed up the sausage, stuffed the casings and let it set in the fridge for 2 days. Smoked it and boy was it good! I will next try a variation in the recipe. I'm thinking more twang and a little drier. If I ever figure out how to operate the wifes digital camera, I'll have to learn to post pictures.
  16. to buy all the ingredients for making sausage like summer or ring balongna or even hot dogs can be pretty costly, the best spices fresh ground are very expensive. large qauntitys are cheaper but they stay there best for about 6 months unless you vacum seal them. you can get the kits for summer sausage from lem products or cabelas that have every thing in them you need to make 10 or 25 pounds of sausage. they make them for different kinds of sausage. they cost from about 14.00 -25.00 for 25 lb. kits. they give you an exellent tasting sausage. suttons bay trading co. is another with alot of supplies that are good qaulity and price.[​IMG]

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