Need Help with grinder please

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  1. I purchased a new #22 one Hp grinder from Gander Mtn.  It came with a shipping plug installed in the gear case oil hole.  I also got a replacement metal plug to replace the shipping plug.  When I removed the ship plug I did not see any lube.  There was lube on the plug which was clear and sticky thick.  None of the information contained in the box refered to the type of lube or how much to use.  The oil plug has a small dip stick, so I think there is a need to fill the gear case.

    Does anyone know what type of oil is used in the sealed gear case?  I would hate to run the unit without proper lube.

    Thanks greatly for any help you can provide.
  2. *****Disregard My message above.  I found out that the grinder has Lithium grease in the gear box and is totally maintence free.

    FYI it is very quiet running.

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