need help with brinkmann SnP mod

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ralphbrown05, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. ok ive looked for the past hour and found just about every mod that can be done to this smoker except for the one that im looking for...for people that have the snp, they know about the lip that goes completely around the food chamber and how they loose temps and on to my question i removed the warmer rack due to wear and tear every time i opened that lid it always fell so i said screw it and removed i have two holes were the rack sat on each side of the what can i use to seal off that lip and the two holes on the lid?

    thanks people and happy smoking
  2. tulsajeff

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    I'll have to do some thinking about the lip.. but I would think you could put the screws back into the holes they came out of now that the warmer rack is removed.
  3. i would do that but it was held in by cotter pin on the ends of the warmer rack rods
  4. herkysprings

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    HIgh Temp silicon or strips of oven gasket glued on with high temp silicon works.

    I did that and I sealed mine up pretty good!
  5. controlfade

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    I used JB weld putty stixs and sealed these off for my neighbors as well as the 2 large holes on each side and around the stack. You mend the 2 products together and is kind of like play-doh and press in place and hardens in about 2 minutes and can handle temps of 500-600 degrees. It is real easy to use and you can form it to fill all your big gaps. I got it at NAPA but believe home depot and auto stores sell it also.
  6. Seems oven rope gasket is the most popular way to seal that.  I have not sealed that part of mine up yet.  I have heard of people just using strips of high temp felt to seal it as well instead of the rope.

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