need help with beef ribs

Discussion in 'Beef' started by power, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Hi, looking at cooking some beef ribs in the Weber WSM!

    the ribs are in a full primal about 40cmx20cm

    how long will these take to cook! as its my first time will only rub with salt & pepper, any advice?

    This will be my 4th cook on the wsm, but what do you cook on the bottom rack! all recipes say top rack? I have ordered the book Low & Slow, but is still another week away!

    Even built a small shed last week to house the wsm on windy wet days,

  2. chef jimmyj

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    The beef ribs can be cooked like pork ribs following the 3-2-1 method. Or you can smoke them straight through at 110-120*C. With or without foiling plan on 7 hours total to get them to the point that a toothpick slides in easily. If they are done early, wrap in foil and towels and stick them in a cooler they will stay hot for about 2-3 hours. S & P is fine or you can add some Garlic and Onion Powder as well. The first rack is used for convenience. But you can use both racks if you have a lot or multiple meats to cook...JJ
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Like JJ said go ahead ad use the 3-2-1 method or plan on 7 hours cooking time. I like just using salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika. Cherry and pecan or a mix of the two are excellent wood choices for beef. I like to run my smoker right at 265ºf or 130ºC for most my cooks.

    Good luck and post some Q-view of those primal cut ribs!
  4. hambone1950

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    Put a nice pan of baked beans under the ribs and let that nice beef fat drip into them for a while. Gives the beans a nice flavor. Do you get baked beans in Oz?
  5. cheers guys for the info.
    & yes we do have Baked Beans, I normally have them for breakfast, with eggs & bacon.
    think I witll do the 321 version. so when I do the foil what type off sauce would you recommend? sweet baby rays etc
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    NO BBQ  sauce until you remove from the foil. Some add a small bit of apple juice, rum, whiskey during the foiling stage. I do not add any liquid at all during the foiling phase. For sauces I like spicy, with a hint of sweet. I don't use store bought so can't help with brands. I actually prefer my ribs without sauce, so usually I don't sauce unless I am having guests.
  7. You got some great help in the above posts. Last time I did beef ribs, when I foiled I added a little melted butter, some more rub (I used a coffee rub) and some beef broth!

    Goodluck and let us know how they turn out!
  8. chef jimmyj

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    Beef Broth, Coffee, Red Wine, V8/Tomato Juice or even Cola works well. You can add Soy Sauce, Wine, (Red or Sherry) or Pineapple Juice and some Brown Sugar for more of a Asian twist...JJ
  9. yep will give it a go! got a few mates coming over. so will beer them up then feed em! that way if I stuff it, they won't know!

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  10. hambone1950

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    I'm a sauce guy , no two ways about it. I don't know what brands you get in Oz , but I think sweet baby rays is too sweet for beef. Kc masterpiece is good on beef , just go easy with it. Bulls eye makes one that's pretty good on beef. You must get HP sauce there , no? I like that a lot on beef ribs. Stubbs is another brand that's pretty good. Just look for one that says beef on the label. There's a ton of great store bought sauces , and you can always make your own. Tons of great recipes on this forum alone....
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  11. cheers will do the stubbs on special $2

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  12. I have beef and or pork on racks in MES, vegetables, bacon, bacon wrapped Jalapeño peppers with 6 yr old cheese inside, I call that meat Candy.  Anything and all things on any rack or open space in the smoker go, and oh, did I mention lots of salt!ll racks, and oh, did I mention lots of salt.

  13. the ribs came out great!
  14. dave from mesa

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    Looks good, power.
  15. looks great! :) cant go wrong with beef ribs.

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