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    I got a 500 gallon propane tank and am going to try and build my first smoker with firebox. My first question is this. I see alot of these tank smokers have a plate on the bottom inside, I guess reverse flow? How does this work? How does the plate have to be placed, size? And this is placed just above the opening from the firebox? I was also wondering How come most tank smokers I see dont have any damper control on the hole between the firebox and cooking chamber, They are normaly just open holes. Would it be better to have a control/damper, like a plate thats controlled by a rod? Also does anyone have a step by step thing I can look at? Last but not least, where do I get the High gloss heat paint I've seen on the pits on that show BBQ Pitmasters that Jambo pits makes???
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    I would put the damper in the more control the better . Put stoker in youtube and you will see such a damper used. As far as the pretty paint look at engine or header paint at a auto paint store.
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    Yup, that is a reverse flow plate. It forces the heat and smoke to travel all the way down to one end of the tank before it can get into the smoke chamber and then travel all the way back across to the chimney(s). This also heats up the plate and you get very even temps from end to end when it is done right. The plate should be right at the top of your firebox opening if the opening is sized right. I have fired ours up twice and have no need for a damper. Once it gets up to temp and both ends are stabilized I see anywhere from 5 - 10 degrees of fluctuation when throwing another log on the fire but that is only for a short time. Not worth the expense, time, and effort to install a damper in my opinion.

    Here is our 500 gal build in progress.
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    Hope this helps, I would suggest going by the pit calculator, also in my signature.
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    Build is coming along nicely.

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