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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by spencerdrake, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Hey I am new to this site and I have got a question. I just purchased my first electric smoker and have never used one before. I have read alot of post of people putting the jerky in the smoker and letting it dry out for about 2 hours before applying the wood chips and smoking. My question is should I dry it out first like a said above or just jump in with chips right off the back? Thank you
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    Welcome SpencerDrake.  If you haven't already head over to the Roll Call area and introduce yourself.

    to answer you question...i dont have the luxury of a electric smoker so i smoke mine right away because i only get about 3 hours of smoke time before my small amount of coal goes out and i finish on the dehydrator.  But if you can maintain that temp for longer you could wait on the smoke.

    i treat jerky as i do with any meat and start smoking right away...getting as much smoke into the meat as possible before it no longer accepts anymore smoke
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    Hello SpencerDrake - Like Doug suggested please swing by Roll Call so we can give you the proper welcome 

    The times I have done jerky in my SmokinTex I have gone without smoke and used 110 temp for a couple of hours to dry it out and it has worked well 
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    I also dry it out for a couple hours before applying smoke.
  5. Hey thanks for all the input. I will let everyone know how it turns out. 
  6. In no way am I an expert on Jerky, but after making many pounds and reading many posts on here I feel free to ad my 2 bits worth. I have read many posts from people that say that nwet meat will not absorb smoke.

    I always put my jerky meat in and turn on low heat (100 degrees) for approx an hour. I open and physiclly feel the meat and once it is dry to the touch, I then fire off my amazn-p smoker and keep smoke going untill the meat reach's the desired bend,feel,tear point.

    Oh and I have had many people say my jerky is as good or better than a lot they have tasted. Not bragging, just the facts.

  7. Hey thanks for the great advice. I will have to give that a try

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