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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by naz316, Jun 13, 2014.

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    ok so I am breaking in my Brinkman TMLE and am having a little trouble regulating the heat...havent done any mods to it and this is my first smoker so not sure what all if any i should attempt at moment. minimal smoke out of the lids and side firebox so all seams seem to be good. Opened the ash tray and that seemed to help get it up to temp but  couldnt seem to maintain. For cure i just used a chimney of charcoal and then tried to maintain with some oak.
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    Welcome aboard! Go to forum and search for brinkman trailmaster mods. The ate a few threads with over 20 pages of our members talking about the same issues you are having. I just purchased the same smoker and am in the process of modding it. Chances are you need to take it apart and seal every part back together. Enjoy yur new smoker yoy will get the hang of it. Do the mods I just told you apt and you will be smoking like q king wroth yur btmle. If your seals are good you should build a charcoal box. Mine does wonders for regulating the heat
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  3. Welcome to the forum, good advice already, search through the forums and threads and do the mod's you will have it sealed up and smoking in no time

    Gary S

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