Need help from master built owners!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ijustlivehere, May 26, 2015.

  1. ijustlivehere

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    Well I'm in a pinch. I bought a master built, dual fuel propane smoker/ twin door, a month ago to do some ribs. Everything went well enough aside from the flame adjustment being a little cantankerous but it did its job. Now however, I went to light the burner and after one pitiful flame I got nothing.  zip! NADA! 

    Steps i have taken: tank is full, swapped regulators, made sure burner holes are clear, lines are good.

    What gives?!? Anyone have any ideas?

    This is the only flame I got...
  2. robcava

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    Hmmm, burner looks a bit worn. Did you clean lines out with wd40? Are you absolutely positive there isn't a leak someplace that would trip opd?!do you have a regular gas grill to test the tank and regulator out on?
  3. ijustlivehere

    ijustlivehere Newbie

    New event! Flames from under the control panel!!!!
    Connections are good though. Flames came from between end of the burner pipe.
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