Need Help, can I eat what I just cooked?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by fergie q, Oct 5, 2014.

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    Hi so im a first time smoker, I dont have a smoker yet so I used my BBQ grill and a dual hot plate with 2 pie tins of soaked wood chips. I turned on the burner and once the smoke started I put a 3.5 lb brisket on. I kept going out every 45 min or do to check the tepm but it was really low, I think to low to cook it. It did get a little color on it after 4 hours I decided to bring it in the house and put in a 225 over for about 4 more hours. Once the meat reached a temp of about 150 I wrapped it in foil and cooked it until internal temp was 190.

    So the question is can I eat the meat, I saw something that talked about the carcinogens building on the outside if not cooked properly.

    If someone could help, I would take the words of wisdom.

  2. geerock

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    Not sure what you mean by cooked improperly and carcinogens. I'm pretty sure the food is safe, but I would guess its going to be a bit tough at 190 IT. And if you're saying you grilled a brisket it may be real tough. But take a bite and see where you are. Good luck.
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    Fergie, welcome to our little community and invite you to call this home . . .[​IMG].

    What I'm reading sounds like a build-up of creosote (oily substance from cooking with wet or soaked chips ).

    You won't have any problem with it other than a bit of a bitter taste, sauce helps here...[​IMG]

    Guys help me if I am wrong ...     The amt. of carcinogens on the meat is negligible and is a product of cooking for long periods as in slow smoking ... or the amt of "White - off colored " smoke  during the cook... you want a light 'bluish' colored

    smoke , a cleaner burn . Bitterness will decrease dramatically and the food will have your nice smokiness you want... What you have done (wrapped and in the over) is a good way to finish the meat and with  4 hrs. of smoke on it you

    should be good to go , smokey , but not bitter...  Your biggest mistake was soaking the chips . You need to set the chip pan away from the burners , and preferably in a "Non-Gasser"  , to smoke -not smolder , only partially burning the wood products

    thus giving the white smoke ...   Slow down and let the smoke turn blue and continue .

    Your smoker woes can be fixed with a trip to Craigs list and looking for a 'Smoker" either charcoal or wood burning . They are usually cheap ( sold by some poor dude that got Jaded with the work in getting a good smoke the first time ... don't work

     that way ,you got to practice to get  proficient at your cooking .   When we ( as a group ) started , we had miserable out comes in the first cookings , however , with the help of a "Cooking Log Book" and practice , you'll become a good / better cook.

    Take the first smoke with a grain of salt . . . and keep trying . My "Matra" is PATIENCE , and will hear me mention it a lot . . . BBQ is , to me , a laid back , enjoy a beer , and relax type of activity. (Coffee if you don't drink , like me) [​IMG].

    Send some Q-view of your deeds , and tell us what you did . A lot of really good Smokers here and the help is only a keyboard away...

    Have fun and as always . . .
  4. [​IMG]  Yes it is safe to eat.

    Happy smoken.

  5. There is a concern with any meat known as the "4 hours 40 to 140 rule". I.e. the meat should be cooked to at least 140 degrees (internal temp) in less than 4 hours after removal from the fridge. While anything alive in the meat is certainly dead at IT of 190, *if* certain spore-producing infectious organisms existed they can produce heat-stable spores which could get you sick. It sounds like you might have violated the rule if it wasn't already at 140 after 4 hours on the grill.

    Likelihood is low of this being a problem, so I'm sure it was fine, but something to keep an eye out for in the future.
  6. jarjarchef

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    You should be fine.

    The 40-140 in under guideline refers to comprimised meat like ground meats and injected meats (some feel if you probe the meat too, I not so much). A brisket is considered a whole muscle.
  7. venture

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    Assuming you did not inject or mechanically tenderize the meat? Or do anything else that would take it out of the category of "intact muscle meat"?

    I think you will be fine.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. Apologies... For some reason I thought the 40-to-140 rule applied to all meat, not just meat that had been compromised.
  9. Not a problem. Chef JJ gave us a good explanation on the 40-140 rule a while back. I wish I could remember the thread. It is a very good read. It should probably be made into a sticky. It was in someones thread so I can't even search JJ's threads to find it for you.

    With all of that said. Everyone remember when in doubt throw it out.

    Happy smoken.


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