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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by handcannon32x, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Im getting ready to make some fresh polish using Legg's Fresh Polish Kielbassa Seasoning.  Im only doing 7lbs right now.  It doesnt say on the bag and I cant find it out their website so my question is, How much seasoning do I mix in for 7lbs of meat?  On the bad it says it will do 25lbs.  Says its an 11 oz bag.  Thanks very much guys.
  2. ldrus

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    it will take  0.44 oz per lb of meat  multiply that by 7 = 3.08 oz of seasoning for 7lb of meat
  3. daveomak

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    HandCannon, evening......  This should help you out.....  Take pictures of your project for all to see..... We love pictures....  Be sure to mix the bag, very well, before dividing it up......   Dave

    7# meat / 25# recipe x 11 oz spice bag/25# meat = 3.08 oz spices / 7# meat

  4. If I have it figured right, 3 oz figures out to be 6 tablespoons, Correct?
  5. gersus

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    Not necessarily. 3 oz is a weight not a volume. A tablespoon of feathers doesn't equal a tablespoon of lead. You'll need a small scale to weigh it out. If you don't have one run down to wal-mart or equivalent and grab one. Oh, WELCOME to SMF!
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    When i do a 5 lbs batch i use 6 Tbs. Taste and if needed add 1 more Tbs.
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    To do it without a scale, dump the whole bag in a measuring cup and see how much you have in volume, then use the appropriate amount for your 7 pounds, which would be about 28% of the total mix.

    For example, lets say it measured 25 dry ounces X .28 = 7 oz of mix for your 7 pounds.

    Hope this helps and doesn't confuse anyone.
  8. smokinal

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    I think I would put a scale on your wish list. They are invaluable for this kind of thing.

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