Need help - and opinions - 270 gallon tank build

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by heyer5, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Hey guys

    I'm getting access to a 270 gallon fuel oil tank that has already been converted into an LP smoker.

    It has a center stack, and one cooking grate.

    I want to make it into something I can use with charcoal and wood, but I'm running into some issues.

    First, I have charcoal rack, steel, built up about 4 inches from bottom to top.  This can be used in the cooked, but the cooker doesn't have VENTS for it.

    So, I need to cut vents, and place the coal rack low enough that I'm not going to be searing the stuff that I am trying to smoke.  The heat is going to be in the barrel, and right under the meat.  There isn't any way to make it offset.

    Second, I need a ash pan, or something of the sort to make it easier to clean out when I am done cooking.  Thoughts on that?

    Third, I'm assuming I need a heat baffle of some sort, to put between the coals and the meat, so the drippings don't cause flare ups.

    Besides that, everything should be pretty easy.  I don't think the modifications will be tough to do, it's just getting them done.

    Also, I only have one Maverick Therm, so I can only test two different grate temp spots at once...which might be tough.

    I just need more capacity than my WSM gives me at this point...

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