Need feedback on WSM 18.5, 22.5, & Mini

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by r23bbq, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. r23bbq

    r23bbq Newbie

    Hello everyone,

    I am really interested in purchasing at WSM 18.5 or 22.5 but I was wondering if anyone had pictures or info how how many ribs/brisket/bostons/chicken they both hold. Obviously the 22.5 will hold more but heard it goes through charcoal quick and it is hard to maintain temp on it especially when new. Any info and feedback would be great. Thinking of doing a WSM mini as well. I have some some double and triple stacked Minis making it possible for a lot of meat (ribs would have to be cut in half though right? [​IMG]) Thanks in advance.

  2. fdannyw

    fdannyw Smoke Blower

    I have the 22.5 and love it it has all the room I need with my big family and yes it goes through some charcoal but my cheap offset I had went through more and as far as temp control is a little hard at first but I been doing my ribs that I mop so helps keep it cool but my last run was good and no water
  3. fdannyw

    fdannyw Smoke Blower

  4. r23bbq

    r23bbq Newbie

    Thanks for the feedback! really appreciate it.
  5. nehtor

    nehtor Newbie

    I have the 18.5 version and was able to put 7 Chicken Leg Quarters on the bottom rack and had 1 8lb Pork Butt on the top.  I could of easily put 2 butts on there but 3 would be to much.  Hope that helps!
  6. c farmer

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    My opinion,

    Buy the 22.5 and build a mini.

    I have a UDS for the big cooks and a mini for everyday cooking.

    I use my mini 90% of the time but its nice to have a big cooker for the large cooks.
  7. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I have an 18 and (4) Mini-WSMs. I have used my 18 once since I got it. I did beef ribs. It can hold two full racks of beef ribs unless you set them in racks.

    It can hold close to a 18 pound bag of charcoal and uses quite a bit.

    My Mini WSMS are my go to smokers I can fit 2 whole chickens or two bone in 8-9 pound butts if needed. Super efficient and my longest cook was 16 hours at 265, used a third of an 18 pound bag of KBB. I typically am cooking for 4 and don't need to waste the fuel lighting the 18.
  8. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Oh yeah the pot stacking on the mini's is more of a novelty. I have gone two pots high, and you start having temp issues and you burn a ton more fuel. May mess with it again someday as I have made some improvements to my mini's since the last try.
  9. jirodriguez

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  10. gomez93

    gomez93 Meat Mopper

    I've had 8 butts and 8 beer can chickens in my 22.5", 6 on my 18.5", never tried more than 2 on my 14.5" or mini. Yes, the 22.5" burns more charcoal but in relation to the amount of food it's about even. Another nice thing about the 22.5" is that spare ribs will lie flat. It will come down to how many do you think you will be cooking for? I pick the I use based on what I'm cooking, for example the 18.5 is perfect for a Dutch oven full of beans.
    And they all run a little hot when new and shiny
  11. phatbac

    phatbac Master of the Pit

    I have a WSM 22.5 inch and i have noticed that mine does run a little hot (much more so when i first bought it)  but it uses a lot less charcoal than my offset ever did. i can use about 1/4-1/3 of a bag of royal oak lump (8.8#) and smoke most of the day with it (5-7 hrs) (with some wood chunks added). plenty of people have posted how much they can hold but i have to say this is my third smoker and by far the very best i have owned. this smoker is well built and ready to go the day you buy it. I say you will not go wrong on owning a WSM!

    Happy Smoking!

  12. r23bbq

    r23bbq Newbie

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, really appreciate it.
  13. r23bbq

    r23bbq Newbie

    Would you all say that if I get the 18 and buy a rib rack i can probably fit in about 4+ racks of spares? Versus just laying them on the grill?
  14. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yes and maybe even more.

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