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  1. Hey I am new to the smoking game and need advice. I have a 9lb pork butt to smoke for the Super Bowl tomorrow and I have to work 6pm-6am tonight. Can I have the wife start the butt in the oven in the middle of the night until I get home in the morning to get it into the smoker and still have it turn out good for the game. Please help not sure what to do any advice is much appreciated!!! I am using a Cajun Injector electric smoker by the way, thanks again for any help.
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    Meat takes on smoke early in the cook. Eventually the pores in the meat close off and accept little to no smoke. Putting it in the oven first will basically defeat the purpose of smoking the butt. Just don't cook it very high in the oven before you move it if you want some smoke flavor.
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  3. We are doing pork shoulder roasts for us and a neighbor.  We decided that since Church is from 9-12 tomorrow and I have some things to do after church for the church, we would smoke them today.  The roasts are coming to room temp as I type.  We rubbed them last night and they will smoke for about 10 hours.

    We found the last time we did one, (Our first BTW) that it was better the next day and you can warm it any number of ways.  we like to just nuke it in small batches.

    I have a MES 30" and since it is electric it is very easy for the wife to tend if need be.  We did some ribs and she was sick and didn't go to church and I set the temp and put the meat in and she kept is going waiting for me to return and put the bones on the grill to finish them.

    Maybe you could have her put it in the smoker and start it and you can finish it when you get home.  It will likely only need one refill of chips before you arrive.

  4. Thanks for the advice that may have to be my plan of attack!! I may have to give her a crash course on the smoker today when I get up.
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    I would put it in before you go to work.  A 9 Lb. butt will take close to 2 hrs per lb. if you don't foil. the last one I did that size at 225* took 22 hours with no foil.  When the butt is done double wrap it in foil, then wrap in in some clean dry old towels and place it in a cooler.  The butt will still be too hot to handle after 3 hours.
  6. Thanks for the advice that may have to be my plan of attack!! I may have to give her a crash course on the smoker today when I get up.
  7. Get you wife to at least get it going on the smoker, like Flash said the meat will take on the smoke flavor early, even if she can get several hours of smoke, and has to finish it up inside, you will still get that good flavor. Not ideal, but due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to finish in the oven several times, not the end of the world, in fact most people can't tell the difference, as long as you get some smoke on it, main thing will be the bark.

    Good luck

  8. Thanks Gary I think that sounds good
  9. Well guys just talked to the wife at 4am and she said the butt has some beautiful bark to it and the internal temp is reading 160. Butt has been on for 11.5 hrs so I am hoping that sounds about right. I can't wait to get home at 6 am and check on it.
  10.   All seems to be going well. Usually one thread an a subject is plenty. Butts are very forgiving and hard to mess up. I hope yours meet your expectations.

  11. Thanks
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    I had one earlier this year go 23 hours at 220, 9lb'er. I just let it sit on the counter with a towel over it for about three hours (That was after I did taste some, I'm only human).

    Usually hit the first stall about 165 - 175
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  13. Well I got home from work and timer on my smoker had turned of 15 min before I got home and cooled down my smoker. I am in the process of heating it up again. I believe I was at a stall because the temp of the butt is reading 158 and it was 160 when I talked to the wife at 4:00am. I hope this little mishap doesn't wreck my first butt
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    You will be fine. If you want to push it through the stall, you can wrap it in foil. Being only 8AM I would just let it ride and get some great bark.
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    I have a propane smoker and I want to go bigger. I have seen the wooden smoke house pics on you're site and was looking for the whole instructions. Also do you have any plans for large propane tanks ? Thanks.
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    Hey Ufert

    Welcome to the forum.  You’ll find great, friendly people here.  You’ll also find a ton of info—if you have a question, just ask and you’ll get about 10 answers—all different LOL  Sounds like your wife is a lot like mine--up at 4 AM

  17. Thanks for the welcome Gary I am really looking forward to getting advice and sharing my experiences with everybody. I have already received great feedback & advice for my first pork butt.

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