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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by shortend, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. shortend

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    I'm interested in learning what casings you would recommend, hog, sheep or callogen and what sizes to choose for the following:

    Beef Sticks

    Breakfast Sausage

    Italian Sausage

    Polish or Kielbasa


    Summer Sausage

    Also, should I get the dry salt packed, wet salt brine packed, or the precleaned tube type? I've seen what was called a Home Pak that had random lengths offered. Are they worth the savings or too much of a pain?

    How long will casings keep in the fridge?


  2. nepas

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    17-20mm collagen




    19mm collagen (if no sheep)



    32-33mm collagen (if no hog)

    Polish and Brats



    2" x 12" synthetic or fiberous

    3" x 20" same

    Unbleached cotton muslin bags

    Dry salt or salt water packed are good for the natural casings. They will keep for years covered in the fridge, just use, repack with salt, cover.

    Pre cleaned tube type are to much $. The tube is for easy placement on the stuffer tube.
  3. fpnmf

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  4. venture

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    What nepas said!  I would start with hog casings.  Then work your way through them.  If you work really hard you might reach the nepas level.  I doubt I ever will! LOL

    Good luck and good smoking.
  5. nogoer

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    I just use dry salt pack hog casings. They sell them in the stores around me and i put them in a baggie in the meat drawer of my fridge. Been doing this for years now and the only reason i tossed any was because thier cheap enough to just get more if your old ones have been around for too long. Done that once and i really don't think i needed to. As long as you add a little salt when you put them away and keep the bag sealed those things will keep for who knows how long. Probably give twinkies a run for thier money!

    I have gotten the "home pack" before online and found it had a large array of lengths and inconsistent widths. The off brands the butcher at the grocery have are much better and they are still packaged for the home sausage maker. Unless you buy the giant tubs the commercial places use then you'll be stuck using the varied length home use type. It's not a bad thing though!

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