Need advice on Brisket: needs to be cooked by friday, eaten sunday

Discussion in 'Beef' started by flyhigh123, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. flyhigh123

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    My buddy is asking me to smoke some meats for a BBQ. I need the brisket and or pulled pork to be finished smoking by friday noon time since he lives far from me and I plan on spending the weekend where he lives. The party wont be until Sunday afternoon.

    I normally like sliced brisket, so typically i smoke it to 180 and then let it sit and eat.

    This time however, there is a time delay.

    My plan is to smoke everything finished on friday, put it in a cooler with ice and then reheat it on the grill on sunday.

    What temp should I smoke the meat to? What ideas and methods are there to maximize the awesomeness of the brisket?

  2. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Make sure you save the juices and pour it over your brisket when you put it in the ice chest so when you reheat it the juices will be in there and it won't dry out. I would suggest reheating it in the oven at like 200 or so then you know it won't dry out. What are you planning on packaging it in when you put it in the cooler? If you are putting it in vacuum seal bags then you can just boil the bags when you are ready to eat it. That is what I do all the time.I would cook your brisket and bring it to the normal temp you usually use. Or if this is your first one we typicaly see them being taken to around 195-205. Are you slicing or pulling the brisket? If slicing go to around 195 if pulling go to around 205. Hope this helps.
  3. jirodriguez

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    Cook it fully, let it rest in the cooler for 1 hr., then either vacuum seal it or buy some 3 or 5 gallon ziploc storage bags. Once it is baged put it in the fridge or cooler till you are ready to reheat. For reheat use a large aluminum turkey pan, leave brisket whole and put saved drippings in with it. Reheat it slowly (around 200° on heat source), once the meat internal temp is up to or above 160° you are good to slice.
  4. eman

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    if you have a vacum sealer that is the way to go. Seal it ,ice it down and reheat in boiling water .

     i do it this way all the time.

     if no vac sealer just save all the defatted juice and put sliced or pulled meat in a foil pan pour on the juice and seal well w/ foil. heat at 200/ 225 in the oven .
  5. bearcarver

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    The guys before me just about covered it.

    Only other thing I can say is "Have a Great Time!

  6. flyhigh123

    flyhigh123 Smoke Blower

    thanks guys! I'm gonna start smoking thursday night around 8pm and smoke for about 10-11 hours taking it to around 180-190... then vacuum pack it, ice it and reheat either on grill or in boiling water...


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