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  1. I have an ECB that I modded with an electric attachment. I love it, but am ready to move on. My question to the board is: what should I get? I was prepared for a MES40, then wa looking at a few of there 30's, but every Masterbuilt product has the same negative reviews. Heating element goes out after 10, 12, 18 months, a dozen uses, etc. Little to no smoke generated. Very concerning to me.

    Was looking at the Smoke Hollow smoker. It had great reviews, just not many.

    Also was reading reviews on the Meco Electric, but it just looks like a nicer version of my ECB.

    Any help fom you guys would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    I was on the fence over my purchase of the MES 40 and was apprehensive based on the reviews until the dates of the reviews were brought to my attention. If you look at the Dates, those reviews were for '08 and '09 units that had trouble with the wiring to the heating element. I have not read about any issues with the 2011 model, mine is 6 months old, and the 2012 newest model is supposed to have all the bugs worked out...JJ
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  3. There are a lot of happy MES owners on this forum. Especially those that added the AMNPS to their setup. The problem with reading reviews (sometimes) is that the reviews may apply to older models that have since been improved and/or the the majority of persons that submit reviews are those that had bad luck with their particular  purchase while many more happy users do not bother to submit a review becasue they have nothing to complain about. Just saying...
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  4. I was wondering that about the older models as well since most of the reviews are from 2009. Just curious what others here have experienced.
  5. I have the 0211 model MES 40, bought it in 2010. Only "issues" if you want to call them that are the actual cabinet temp is off from the set temp and at lower temps <200*, it doesn't produce much smoke if any, that's why lots of people use the AMNPS or AMNS. Other than those easy fixes, I've had no problems with mine.

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