Need ADVICE. Can i smoke the meat today and reheat tomorrow?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fisher6688, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. I have a early morning shift tomorrow and wanted to bring some meat to a family gathering. For sure i will not have time to smoke the meat before the gathering tomorrow. I am planning on smoking a pork picnic and slabs of st louis ribs. can i just smoke it tonight. wrap it up and put it in the fridge and reheat tomorrow afternoon? a

    also what is the best way to reheat the meat?
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  3. Thanks!
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    I just pulled off 8 chicken leg quarters from the smoker for tomorrow night's supper.  Works really well.
  5. How do you plan on reheating ?
  6. And when reheating are we just heating till it feels a good temp to eat ?
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    Always reheat to an IT of 165°F minimum. Pulled Pork I usually put in a Crock Pot with one of my finishing Sauces, one Sweet, one Tangy, depending on who I am serving to. I put it on High until the meat starts to simmer, it will be about 185-195° at this point. Then turn the temp to Warm and serve leaving it on warm until all is eaten. The meat is Safe to eat and tastes fresh made. Ribs, as said above, go on the Grill or 425° Oven. Same with Chicken but use Indirect Heat on the Grill so the skin and sauce doesn't burn...JJ
  8. Thank you!

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