Need a recipe and cooking time sheet for a whole pork shoulder.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by nickbailey, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I'm getting a pork shoulder for a BBQ this weekend. Although I don't have any good recipes, was wondering if anybody here would be willing to part with one haha.

    I was also wondering if someone could link me to that cooking sheet that shows how long something should be cooked at what temperature based on it's weight.
  2. kueh

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    DeeJayDebi will be along with a link with cooking times.

    If you want to be safe, cook the shoulder a day before as each piece of meat cooks at a slightly different rate. You can cook to an eating state, roughly 160*F, but if you want pulled pork, you need about 200*F. The dreaded plateau may or may not be an issue.

    If you're not into staying up all night, smoke your pork to about 160*, then foil it and finish it in the oven.

    Found it....

    Deb's web page is informational too, if you'd like a bit of light reading.
  3. Ok...i'm going for pulled...but this thing is like a cubic foot heh....can it be cooked all at once...or would I just be smarter to get like a Boston Butt and picnic roast and cook them at the same time?

    I'm going to be doing it in a Centro Electric I should be able to manage cooking it for a long time.
  4. deejaydebi

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    Nick -

    That things huge! I cut it in half or something I'll take way to long going low and slow - I'b be afraid for pork to be out that long.
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    I think I'd go with a couple butts and cook them at the same time. How much weight do you need? Two 6 pounders will cook quicker than two 8 pounders.[​IMG]
  6. Well I figured that two 6 pounders would cook quiter than two 8 pounders. But I need a lot...I need a lot though. I have about 60+ people for this...mind you there will be other food....but I want enough so that msot people can have a decent sized sammie.

    I have about a 1 cubic foot space to work with. I'm doing it in a Centro Electric Smoker.
  7. ultramag

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    Cook that shoulder and cook it whole Nick. You will be in for some of the best pulled pork you ever had. Just something about the butt and the picnic together that make awesome pulled pork. You'll be in for a treat that was worth your time.

    Bone in and skin on, here is some inspiration: [​IMG]




    Oops, just saw the one cubic foot of space. I don't think you have enough room for a whole shoulder unless you can find a small one. Then your really back to square on I guess with a little shoulder.
  8. kueh

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    If you do this often, get another centrino smoker. It's going to be hard for a small smoker to do that much at one time.

    Or if you have some materials on hand, build a plywood box, get an electric burner, cast iron pan.

    Someone here built a unit like I described. Just keep the temperatures low.
  9. Well the one I was planning on getting looked like I could probably fit it, maybe with a little trimming.

    Ultramag, Do you have any tips, like cooking times or anything like that for cooking a whole shoulder? Even a decent recipe?
  10. ultramag

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    Rub the exposed meat and smoke it Nick. It is a wonderful chunk of meat that needs no help IMO. Some people inject them but I never have. There is a recipe for Chris Lily's injection on the forum somewhere I think. If I have time I'll try to find it later.

    As far as cook time it is gonna vary alot from shoulder to shoulder. It is a big piece of meat w/ lots of fat and connective tissue to render out and breakdown. Start plenty in advance of your party and allow extra time. Shoulders hold very well while resting so allow extra time and have a cooler to hold it in. I have no experience w/ an electric cooker but would figure 1 hr. 45 min. a lb plus. Good luck, and be sure and take pics.
  11. Oh there will be plenty of pics. My only concern is that if it's a whoel shoulder it coudl be almost 15#s am I right? Thats almost 30hs of cooking time, is it ok for the shoudler to be out for that long?

    I might jsut end up going with two picnic roasts or something (As that btucher is also retarded in the fact that they don't seem to have any boston butts :S). But I really do want to do the whole leg. Either tomorrow night or thursday night is the deadline for me gettign it, as the party is on saturday.
  12. ultramag

    ultramag SMF Events Planning Committee

    If you get a true Whole Shoulder it will be 15 lbs. on the light side in my experience Nick. I have never had one below 16 that I can think of. The two in those pics earlier were 17 and 18 lb. if I remember right. As far as the time issue for cooking it's not a problem IMO.
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    I did one that was cut in two and I removed the hide so smoke could get in the meat.
  14. Ok well i'm off to the "butcher" if you can call it that, to get me some pork. I'll let everyone know what I ended up going with....hopefulyl they decided to get in some boston butts.

    Edit: *sigh* the shoulder's won't be in until tomorrow morning. So i'll have to go get them then. If I do get a whoel shoulder...I may jsut ask them to separate it so it cooks a little faster. Because if I have put it on tomorrow at like 3 or something....then it won't be done until about 6pm on the Saturday.
  15. Ok...sorry for the double post. I just got two 8# picnic roasts cause it's all they had left by the time I got there (No more whole shoulders). SO I figure just time that based on the heaviest one?
  16. ultramag

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    I would budget 16 hours minimum if cooking them for a party like that Nick. Pork butts hold very well if they cook quicker.
  17. Ok....I put them on last night at about 10pm at 225 for about 16 we'll see :D

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