Need a Pork Butt Recipe!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by torchrider, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. torchrider

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    I am going to do my first smoke on Saturday and need a good Pork Butt recipe. It will be on my SFB wood smoker. Can someone point me to one that works well?
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  3. ecto1

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    I did my first pulled pork using the exact method in that post in the link and it was awesome. Everyone loved it and it was gone so fast people were asking when I planned another. I used the finishing sauce that is in the pork sticky also a winner it was so good i may have to double the recipie next time.
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    I would just rub it with some of your favorite rub the night before. Then run the smoker at about 230-250° or so and then spirtzing every hour after the first hour. Then take it to about 165° and then foil it and continue smoking to about 205° and then into a dry cooler for atleast an hour if not more then just pull it and ENJOY.
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    Tanks Guys! [​IMG]
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    Ok you have a lot of good links but let me share-I discovered recently that I:

    After pulling my butt into pieces I put it in the fridge overnight to cool it:

    Use the food processor to chop it into a...nicer consistency than the "pulled" version-just my 2 cents. Actually seems to release some flavor.

    We are taking a LOT of food back to Iowa for Easter GOOD LUCK!
  7. meateater

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    Inject with broth or whatever concoction flavor you like. Pork will absorb alot. This has been my new thing with loins. JMHO.

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