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  1. Smoking up a whole pork sirloin next weekend for chops, and doing a shoulder for pulled. my question is this.I need a rub minus the cayenne, but still with ample flavor. My 6 yr old son has bad acid reflux, & takes Prevacid. I need a rub that won't set him off & Mamma won't get on my case. The shoulder will get hit with my old stand-by, Magic Dust, but the loin is in need of help. Anyone in the same stiuation?? Thanks in advance, Jamie
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    do you make your rubs
  3. Sure do. I also use New York Fries California fries seasonings.
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    You could try Big Ron's In The House...very little heat but a ton of flavor...
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    I could use a new rub also, I'm thinking a back rub [​IMG]
  7. Thanks guys. I'll see what they think of those. Jamie

    PS On a good note, just picked up a gas grill with a side burner free, that blew over on the old owners. SMOKER CART!!
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    I prefer just to salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder the sirloin. The butt you could try the yoshida's butt that I did. awesome flavor. I did eliminate the red pepper in the rub so that it didnt compete with the injection to much. came out really good.

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