Need a good beef rub

Discussion in 'Beef' started by timetosmoke, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. I must admit I am a beef crazy and just love the stuff. I want to smoke a roast this weekend and I am thinking about a rib roast or sirloin tip roast. I am looking for a really (low salt) tasty beef rub to go along with pecan wood for the smoke. Any suggestions?

  2. butch cassidy

    butch cassidy Fire Starter

    jeff's rub is Great,
  3. frizzlefry

    frizzlefry Smoke Blower

    I like Big Ron's
  4. dewetha

    dewetha Smoking Fanatic

    I see a few rubs with ground coffee in them. i'm looking to try that on a brisket for something different
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Time2smoke , I haven't had the pleasure of saying -WELCOME - to the SMF [​IMG].

    As for a rub for BEEF ; being a traditionalist , I believe in the easiest , most flavorful way to season my Beef. CBP and Garlic and/or Onion powder ( I use Salt , but it's optional ).

    Good Beef flavor without covering the meat's own taste...[​IMG].


  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will keep it basic as Stan suggested!
  7. frosty

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    TT Smoke, WELDCOME!

    I use Stan's and it works great!  Sometimes simpler is better.  [​IMG]

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