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Discussion in 'Beef' started by bobbyk, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm going to do an 8lb center cut for a fantasy football draft party. I have the latest model MES 30 that I've produced excellent briskets with so far. Not a huge bark hound, more of a juicy tender taste here.

    I have my rub made already and I'm going to start the brisket Friday night at around midnight. I'm gonna cook it at 225* and I like extra smoke, so for the first three hours I'm gonna hit it hard with a cherry/hickory mix. I'll hit the sack around 3am and get up about 9 and hit it with more smoke. I need it done by 2pm on Saturday for a 2-3hour hot bag rest and slicing at 5.

    I haven't tried this, but I think I'm gonna put an aluminum pan under the rack the brisket is on to catch all my drippings and then when I hit 180-190 IT, I'm gonna put the brisket into the drip pan and finish it to 200 IT.

    What do y'all think?
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    I want to be at your fantasy footbal draft! I think it sounds like a solid plan, U know your smoker best! Nice part is you can rest it if you are done early, so i like the idea of starting early. Only thing, i heard that after meat reaches an IT of 140 it doesnt really take in any more smoke? Either way, enjoy and post some pics!
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    Just curious. Why cook it in the juice for 10-20 degrees? If you are going to rest it then rest it in the drippings. Just an idea. if it works I will try it.
  4. It's just a theory. Almost like sautéing it in the juices and then it will rest in them as well. I dunno.
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    We would pan the brisket at 170-180 and add a cup of apple juice. Then tent it with foil.  Once it reaches 200 deg.  we would put it in a cooler big enough to hold the pan and let it rest.  The pan was always full of lot of juice.  Great for dipping.

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  6. Draft party brisket ready to go in

  7. Woke up at 0830. Current IT is 166
  8. High noon. IT is 171. Stall time

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