Nee temp suggestions for Round Roast

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by tbakko, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I put a 15# Round Roast in the smoker this morning @ 5:30, I just checked it and the IT is @ 125º. I would like the meat to be medium rare, but I also want to give the meat a chance to get tender. I am going to slice the meat then vaccum pack it for freezing. I am looking for suggestions on when to foil & when to wrap in towels for the cooler (if I even should). I am still pretty new at this so any help will be appreciated.....Tom[​IMG][​IMG]
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    top round

    135° rare

    140° med rare

    145° med

     i would pull it and wrap in foil and towels and into the ice chest at around 135°

    It will rise a few degrees while resting.

     Let it rest a minimum, of 1 hr . 2 or 3 hrs wont hurt.
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    I would recommend the same temps as Bob did. I like mine alittle more on the rare side so I go as low as maybe 125°. Now it might moo at you but the center will be a glorious shade of red and really juicy too.
  4. OK, roast @ 135º went ahead & foiled it, wrapped in a towel and int the cooler. 5hrs doesn't seem like very long for a 15# hunk of meat, but I am going by temps & I moved the probe 2 times to make sure it was actually @ the right temp.

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    I have just bought one of those and plan on doing it on the 20th.  Any particular type of rub that you used?  Can you post some pic's of it sliced?



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