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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mack-attack, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Hello Folks,

    My name is Mack and I have to say I'm new to smoking. However, I've had a old style Brinkman Cook'N Ca'Jun Charcoal Smoker/Grill for years that I used to smoke mainly turkeys and chickens.

    I purchased a Bradley Electric Digital Smoker (4 rack) this past week and am really excited about it. Yesterday I smoked a couple of Fattys and some Pineapple Brauts which the flavor exploded. Today I smoked a 4 lb pork loin with rub on it. It turned out really good. Both days I used mesquite.

    I also purchased the Maverick Model ET-73 Redi Chek smoker transmitter and receiver. The only thing I don't like about this is that on the transmitter the on/off switch is inside the battery cover and the unlock screw is seperate from the cover. Matter of fact, I've been looking for it screw since I dropped it about an hour ago.

    I was told about this site by a friend on here called Big Dawg who also got a Bradley smoker. This forum looks great and reading thru the threads there appears to be a wealth of knowledge and experience here.

    I'm also trying to keep my carbs down so I've started looking for low carb sauces and rubs. If any one has some good ones, please let me know.

    Well, I'm happy to have been told of this forum and am looking forward to talking with you all in my journey of this meat smoking experience.

    Cheers to all,
  2. Welcome Mack from another Nebraska newbie. Glad your first smokes worked out for you. Did you put the Brauts on buns or how did you fix them?
  3. richoso1

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    Hi Mack, glad you've decided to be a member of the SMF. There are plenty of friendly folks here who are willing to share great information with others, sometimes we share some laughs too!. Looking forward to your posts.
  4. Hey Dawg,

    I didn't put the brauts on buns. I just cut them up and ate them. I'm on a low-carb diet. My doctor almost planted her foot up my royal rectum about my weight and getting near to "pre diabetic". So I'm doing a low-carb diet, which means no breads, pasta, rice, starchy vegies/fruits. So this diet is great for eating meats, meats, meats, and cheese....and even nuts. So the world of the smoker even looked better for me.

    The Pineapple Brauts I mention just has small pieces and pineapple in them and it is amaizing the flavor it gives. Coming from the smoker, cooking at such a low temperature, the pineapple was even stronger. When I would grill them, I guess the high heat really cooks them down.

    I had the meat thermometer in the Fattys and was cooking them to 160 internal. So I pulled the brauts off at about 153....just a guess and it was a good one. I only smoked them for 1 hour and then just kept heating the Bradley at 250 until the Fattys were done. I like mesquite but I know it can be over powering on some foods. So I just took it light on these two and it worked good.

    I really enjoyed the pork loin today. Didn't you do ribs??? How'd they come out??

    Oh I want to tell you about a mustard at Walley Mart. It is under Walley Mart's label, Great Value and is named "Southwest Spicy Sweet, Hot Mustard". A few years ago I got my parents some "Gourmet" mustards. This one was about $7.00 a bottle. The Walley Mart mustard I just mentioned earlier is the same thing for only .96 cents. Try it out. It is great for just dabbing your pork into it or any other way you use mustard.

    Hope all is going well,
  5. mossymo

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    Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!

    Long time, no see; glad to see those 2 storms didn't get ya !!!
  6. Mack,

    Those brauts sound good, I am going to have to keep an eye out for them and the mustard.

    I have some country ribs on right now. If you look under the pork section I posted some pics of them. Cooking them up with some of Dutch's Wicked Beans. Them beans are awesome, I just took a taste and man they are good.

    I am just sitting here going through different posts in between spritzing the ribs. Going to move them to foil soon.
  7. Hi folks,

    Thanx for the greetings.

    I smoked a pork loin (4.5 lbs) yesterday with rub and it turned out wonderful. I was really surprised how moist it was. At first, I didn't think it was done.....but it was.

    I'm about to put on 4 chicken breasts. Sliced in the middle and stuffed with pepper jack cheese and jalapenos. Then wrapped with two pieces of bacon and tooth picked.

    mmmmmmmmmmhhhh good.

  8. bertjo44

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    Hey Mack,
    Welcome. Sounds like your off to a fast start. Dont' forget the Q-View.
  9. kookie

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    Welcome aboard Mack...........Glad to have you here...............
  10. fireguy

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    Welcome, fellow husker... Lots of good help here, have fun.
  11. travcoman45

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    Welcome Mack. And don't get to used to eating that meat, it's next on your doctors list of take away foods! Trust me, I'm diabetic, have High blood pressure, high cholesterol and now have a new stomach problem caused by the diabtise, I could just as well roll over and die, can't eat this, can't eat that, finally said to he!! with it, gotta eat sometin, might as well be smoked! Fatties rule!
  12. mossymo

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    Bring your doctor smoked samples and ask him how he can tell you no !!!
  13. husker-q

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    Welcome fellow NE'an! (Omaha now in KC)

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