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    Cold smoking 'nduja today, day 2 of 3 days, using amzns
  2. Very cooll!!!
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    I guess I don't get out much, but what is Nduja?
  4. X2
  5. Good question. They look like loaves of bread. Enlighten us please.
  6. I googled it.


    Spicy Spreadable Salami. 

    Nduja (say "en-doo-ya") is a spicy spreadable salami, originating from Calabria. Nduja is cured in a casing like hard salami, but it maintains a soft texture that is spreadable at room temperature.  Nduja will change the way you think about salami. It is perfect  when spread on grilled bread, in a sandwich, or on pizza. It adds amazing flavor to pasta sauces, vegetables and cooked beans.
  7. Exactly, Alelover.  However, I've been told that the boccalone version is not a great representative of what this salame is.  It is addictive.
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    Done down here by Calabrians sold in my local butcher shop,really good product.Re discovered  only lately.
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    Ok, Sc0tty-can you quit being a tease now and share the recipe with us - please?

  10. That's easy, 70% ground pork jowl or belly, 30% pepper(combo of hot and sweet red pepper powder).  Plus, cure #2 and a lactic starter.  Stuffed in hog middle end caps and/or hog middles and cold smoked for about 30 hours.
  11. DAME, my butcher is out of hog middles   [​IMG]
  12. I have plenty of both casings, sir.

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