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  1. I have a14 year old New Braunfels Silver Diamond (or maybe just a silver smoker) which has given great service with a few mods.  I am now worried about the firebox bottom  becoming too thin.   I have seen a thread or two on here where a new bottom was welded on by the person rebuilding the smoker.  I do not have access to a welder or know how to weld.  How would I find someone to make this repair for me and what would be a resonable price I could expect to pay. 
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    Mac, welcome to the forum....   Fill the bottom with sand.... That  will seal off  the air and stop oxidation...   Please take a moment and stop into roll call for a proper introduction from our members.... 

    Glad you found us....  Lots of great folks on here to answer any questions you may have.... We are also interested in new recipes and looking at pictures of your accomplishments....   enjoy the long smokey ride....   Dave   /Roll Call/
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    Are you worried because the metal has become too thin or you suspect it may become so at some point in the future?

    If you keep it clean, that is don't keep ash and such in it that can trap moisture and speed oxidation, it should last a while longer.
  4. Yes, I think the metal has become too thin.  

    I think I will try the sand and find a small cookie sheet to use to collect the ashes.

    It is also time for the wire brush and paint.  I dund I have to do that every few years.

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