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    Ok so I have to admit I can be lazy and that is part of the reason why I currently have a WSM with a cyber guru and want to get a pellet smoker due to how much more convenient it is. I have basically narrowed down my choice of smoker to 3. The Camp Chef which has a fire pot clean out, meat probe and pellet box clean out. The Blazn Grill which has fire pot clean out, meat probe, front shelf accessory included and optional insulated lid (I am in the Chicagoland area) The Mak which is listed as the Cadillac of grills. My concern is for someone who is admittedly at times lazy is it worth paying the extra $500 for the Mak which I would have to manually clean out the ashes. I would like to smoke more frequently than I have in the past and maybe because all the work needed to get my WSM going is what deterred me. Maybe it isn't a major burden to clean out and in the long run this is what I would be satisfied with. I hear the Blazn has great customer service with Tim and built very solid. For the size all are comparable for my needs of a family of 4 and occasionally entertain a larger size group. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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