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  1. So my wife brings a bag of cheddar cheese curds home yesterday afternoon and says she wants pulled pork poutine.  Well I can't argue with a request like that.

    While I was heating up some leftover frozen pulled pork I tossed some curds into the MES with pecan pellets in the AMNPS and smoked for half an hour.  They picked up smoke fast, half an hour I felt was perfect nice and smokey but not like licking an ash tray and since these would have no time to mellow out I didn't want to overdo it.

    Plated up I think this was some of the best use of leftovers we've had yet.

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  2. Interesting use of leftovers.  Bravo!!!!
  3. knifebld

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    Ahhh man, I am a huge poutine fan and must say that looks incredible!!

    Damn, gonna have to go through a twelve hour smoke just to get me some of that! LOL
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  4. Haha oh the sacrifices one must make! Do it was so good!
  5. knifebld

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    LOL I know...I know....

    What temp did you smoke the cheese at?
  6. It was a cooler day yesterday starting temps in the smoker was 65*, it went up to 70* in half an hour and I had three ice packs wrapped in foil in there to try and keep it cool. I have to do the mailbox mod soon its too hot to do cheese properly now.
  7. Fantastic!

    Having been born and raised just two hours south of Montreal, via car, (In "The People's Republic of Vermont" and mighty NORTHERN Vermont indeed), I am familiar with and applaud your poutine doings!

    I am sure this was a hit!

    Cheers! - Leah
  8. tc fish bum

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    " the people's republic of Vermont" that's to funny, I will have to remember that one

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