My wife's BBQ lingo test

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by big twig, Jun 7, 2011.

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    So my wife loves my cooking and when I am on the site she sometimes looks and will ask questions about the meaning of some lingo we use and I will talk in the lingo not thinking if she knows what I am talking about or not. The other day she asks whats IT so I tell her internal temperature, another post she saw had PP and she asked what that was, I say pulled pork. So where driving to go hang out with a friend and I decide to give her a BBQ lingo test during the short ride. Here is how it went.

    Me: Whats ABT

    Her: Atomic Buffalo Turd

    Me: Whats IT

    Her: Internal temperature

    Me: Whats PP

    Her: Pulled pork

    Me: Whats a WSM

    Her: Weber smokey Machine

    Me: Close but it's Weber Smokey Mountain

    Me: Whats a UDS

    Her: Ugly drum smoker

    Me: Whats a rub

    Her: It's what you put on your PP

    Let just say I almost crashed the car laughing but we made it there safe.
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