My virgin smoke - a brisket no less

Discussion in 'Beef' started by adsway01, Jul 29, 2014.

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    The meat was fairly tender, but good and tasty. I started with an 8 lbs Costco Choice brisket, cooked it per SMF directions (time and temps), finished it in a cooler (no ice) wrapped in foil, but I think it was too fatty in the end. Did I not cook it low and slow enough? It was in the smoker for approx 6 to 8 hrs and got to the IT sooner than I wanted. If it cooked longer and I was able to keep the temp lower do you think it would have less fat remaining and be more tender?

    All in all I was proud of my first effort!

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    The nice thing about smoking, is you get to eat the results. And if you like it, thats all that matters. Write down the experience, and what you think you'd do next time. Its a great sport, hobby, pastime? Then next time read your notes. It is a win/win
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    Thanks for the tip Foamheart. Any feedback on my questions?
  4. By too fatty what do you mean? From the pictures, it looks like you may have needed to to some trimming before prepping that piece of meat for the smoker.
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    There are so many options to smoking a brisket. I leave all the fat in place when I smoke. If its really overburdened I might trim some of the hard fat, but not normally. The reason I don't is because normally I don't crutch mine, its about 220 for the entire trip. I don't foil or pack in the cooler. I have tried it and it all seems just too much trouble. I just start mine earlier,

    About 190 to 200 I start using a toothpick checking for doneness.

    There are 4 major differences in smoking it, hoter and faster, lower and slower or with the Texas crutch or without. They all make good brisket. I have made them all. I just feel like letting mine smoke a hair longer and not having to deal with wrapping and bundling. Its my preferred method.

    You need to enjoy trying all the methods and seeing which is your favorite because one will be just as obvious as the nose on your face, the one you must enjoy cooking, which will make it your best brisket.

    I like fat, I se you have a packer, a flat with a point, some seperate 'em because its easier to calculate a flat alone. I personally figure about 2 hours per pound at 220/230 degrees. So an 8pounder would take about 16 hours. Then the rest period. I always try to rest to cool a brisket before slicing. Helps it hold together better.

    But like I said, you need to try the 4 basic's to see which most agrees with how you'll like to smoke, they all taste pretty good. Then wheh ya know which way you can start figuring out your flavor modifier. Its really a lifetime of enjoyment searching and hunting for that perfect one.

    Use the search engine, make sure and add Q-View to your query as well as your type smoker as to get the most possible help. Pictures help me alot also.

    I hope you have a lot of fun, Bon Chance
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    + 100 to Foamheart's post
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    That last post was like poetry Foamheart, thanks! Real solid guidance. I look forward to researching and experimenting. Like you posted first: the best part is the tasting. I made a beef sirloin butt tip today. 6 hrs low (180) to IT of 140 then the cooler rest to 145. Hickory and cherry smoke and WOW! Medium rare with marvelous flavor.
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    Seems like you are having a lot of fun and that Sirloin looks pretty tasty, good job!
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    Thanks I am! It sure does taste great.

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