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    Got two food grade drums for 15 bucks a piece. They had shipped food coloring in it with bag liners so they were pretty clean. Had them sand blasted and they came out very nice. We put in two grills one at about thirteen inches down and the other at three and a half for ribs and chicken (and corn on the first cook). Used magnets for covers on the vents, four on the top and three on the bottom. Painted it with high heat paint and she is ready to go. Cured it for fifteen hours at 300 degrees with olive oil on the insides of the barrel. First cook was chicken and corn. I am having my fire basket built and just used a cheap bbq basket for my charcoal. Used about six pounds and  oooked for four three hours and a steady 250 with the vents half open.Wasn't as hot at the top with the corn in as I had hoped but I think with the basket and fifteen pounds of charcoal it will be much better. The whole thing cost me about 150 bucks and it cooked beautifully the first time.

  2. Nice build. I see many years of great Q in your future.

    I sure do like the way my UDS cooks.

    Happy smoken.

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    It did pretty well on the first go round. I didn't have my basket built (got it today though) and I just did chicken. It held 250 for about five hours with just six pounds of charcoal in it. The basket holds sixteen so it should be good for fifteen hours or so at that temp. I picked up my basket today, courtesy of custom metals here in Olathe, Ks. They did a great job of building that. It cost me 40 bucks to do it but I wasted that much in time trying unsuccessfully to do it myself. This little project took a little more money than it probably should have but better to have a quality piece than a piece of junk I think. 

    Got a picnick today and am going to smoke it this weekend. I think it is going to do well. I am going to do some chicken with it the last three hours and try out the combo cooking thing that I envisioned when I built it. We'll see but I think it is going to work great.
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    Doing a picnic for about nine or ten hours today. First long burn with the new firebasket. Having some trouble keeping the temp down. Have almost all the air shut off and still hovering upwards to 280. Just wrapped it and am waiting for 205 or so. This thing is a cooking machine. Going to have to really throttle it down though it cooks hot. Had all the bottom vents shut except one about a quarter of an inch and the top only about that much open and it still hovered around 275. It is a machine though.
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