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  1. I've been looking at these UDS smokers for a few week. I wanna build one bad and have been looking and calling around. I live in New Orleans and if anyone close had an idea on where to get one that would be great. I would like a food grade one because who knows if any other chemicals would still be in the barrel. Thanks
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  2. daveomak

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    Cody, morning... There are folks that use petroleum product barrels.... Burn them out real well and you should be OK to go.... Maybe a barrel that had kerosene in it ???  I would stay away from grease that had something like "lithium" in it.. might still be in the barrel after burning... Another option is buy a new one on line... or drive to Texas and get one from ECTO1... he has built a few for sale... I googled 55 gal drums and there are survival groups in LA that use drums for storage... Good  luck and take pics of your build, we love pictures...   Dave
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    With as many UDS there are around here and alot of folks have made them out of oil/petro filled barrels to. Now they have just burnt them out really good and they seem to have worked out fine.
  4. nate_46

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    My barrel had mineral spirits originally.  A drum with kerosene would work just fine as well.  If you cut the top off a barrel that has had any oil of fuel in it be careful and know what you are doing.  I wouldn't want you to burn yourself or produce an explosion.  Easy to do, just fill the barrel with car exhaust or water before you start cutting.  No air (oxygen) no fire....
  5. Thanks a lot for the replies. I may just have to get a barrel that I will need to burn.
  6. solaryellow

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    Regardless of where the drum comes from, I would still burn it out completely. [​IMG]
  7. rbranstner

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    I don't like the idea of using a drum that had toxic material in it because I am able to get food grate barrels locally but if I didn't have a supply of food grade barrels I would use a a toxic style barrel and burn it out really really good. Some even pressure wash it with hot water and soap first and then burn it out or maybe burn, pressure wash then burn again.
  8. Well good news I found a place that has food grade barrels for 15 bucks. Sadly I gotta wait until monday to get it but pretty excited.
  9. frosty

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    Good luck!  Looking forward to seeing future developments!
  10. I got the barrel but it didn't have a lid. I bought it anyway out of fear that I wouldnt find another one. I figured I could just get a cheap grill lid but when I put my weber kettle lid on it the barrel was about 3/4 inch bigger. So I'm looking for a lid lets hope I can find one soon to get this project started.
  11. solaryellow

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    You could weld, bolt or rivet a collar on the inside of the barrel to reduce the opening to fit the lid you have. That is fairly common.
  12. daveomak

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    Cody, morning.... Check your racks you will be using in the UDS.... if they are smaller than the lid, you can bend the top of the barrel inward to make it smaller and fit the lid....

    Start by using a hacksaw or grinder and remove the flange on the barrel...cut down the sides of the barrel about 2".... make slots in the barrel about every 2 inches.... Now you should have "tabs" around the barrel about 2" by 2".... bend them inward alternating the tabs to overlap the next tab... when all the tabs are bent in, the top of the barrel is cone shaped.... if you feel there is too much of a gap that is leaking air and smoke, they make a "wood stove paste" that when applied to metal and it is heated, it hardens like a brick and should seal all the leaks.... Or you can hammer them using another hammer as an anvil to work them to fit better... If you leave the gaps in the tabs, you won't need to open the vent on the lid.... It will be trial and error to get the lid to fit....    Just my 2 cents on sheet metal work 101..... Dave
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  13. Great responses and thank you for them. I'm deffinetly gonna dry on of them.
  14. Well I found a lid kinda worried about using it because it wasnt food grade. I was wondering how guys that have used a non food grade barrel or lid have felt about it. I wouldnt think that a lid would be that big of a deal expecially since I'll have it sand blasted but I'm not trying to make anyone sick.
  15. solaryellow

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    Burn it and season it. Nothing to worry about.
  16. nate_46

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    Yep, I see no problems.  Burn it good, season it good, show us some Q-View!!!

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