My UDS Build. Love it so far!!

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  1. Got tired of trying to get a firebox to seal. All I wanted was something that I could control the temps on and get good flavor.In my opinion this has got to be the easiest smoker to use. As you can see I had a weber lid. It fits perfectly! The drum was a sealed top that had coolant that goes in turning lathes and such to keep metal cooled while machining it. No liner!! I soaked it out for a couple of days then burned out the lid at work and ground out any sharp edges. I then used a propane/oxygen torch, at work, to burn it out the first time. I had it glowing red so I felt pretty good about the sterilization of it!!

    For vents I made two 1 inch by 2 inch slots and bent slide covers for them. I can get 450 degrees plus with these wide open!!

    Got a little dirt splashed on it from rain.

    Formed some legs for it so it can stay dry underneath it.

    Smoking Away!!

    I had already built the fire basket and it fit so I use it. That thing will hold a LOT of charcoal.The great thing is this smoker don't use a lot of fuel at all!! and when I am done all I do is close all vents and it don't take long for the fire to be put out.

    You can see I put two rows of bolts around it so I have two different grate heights. I can lower the grate if I want to stand a turkey up on it or something. I have some Hickory wood here so I have been burning that down for charcoal. Let it stay open while burning out the white smoke. Still got a bit of white in these pics, however after the coal bed gets established you don't see any smoke at all coming out of it!!
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    The UDS is one of the most efficient smokers there are, and they produce some great food.... I like the inlets... good idea....
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    Nice looking UDS! I like you vents and legs.

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