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  1. Hey guys, been enjoying the start of summer, and out door cooking. Been grilling, offset smoking, and using the heck out of my cedar smokehouse.

    So here are the pictures up to this point...

    The starting material is a clothing/rag drum from work. It had a heavy liner sprayed in. I chose to media blast, not burn.

    Being sandblasted

    I have to say, the media blasting takes care of that heavy paint pretty darn quick! Left a slightly textured surface for painting.

    All painted, used high temp BBQ/stove paint

    I have several different carbide burrs in the shop, so I cut the holes with that to a point where I could screw in the elbow fittings. Then secured inside with conduit nuts.

    I inverted the can, and the breather tubing, and painted them vertically. Ignore the muddy water spots on the can. We had a lot of blowing dust, followed by rain.

    I used 1" pre-threaded nipples for the air tubes, and had access to some nice 1" stainless steel ball valves.

    The rear air inlet and plug.

    Tomorrow, I want to install a chimney, was thinking of using a length of 4" exhaust pipe. My question is how long? I also have a temp gauge to install. I purchased 2 new heavy weber grates.

    I plan to use high temp silicone to fix high temp gasket material in the rim of the lid. As well, fabricate and install a handle for the lid.
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    Looking good so far. I would just use a short stack. Maybe 4 inch?
  3. So today, I drilled the holes for the bolts for the rack supports and installed. Drilled a hole and mounted the temp gauge. Tapped the lid back into true (had a slight warp in it), then cut a hole for the exhaust stack. From a piece of 4" exhaust pipe, I formed a lip and tabs on one end, a single tab on the other. Cut a hole in the lid, sealed with stove gasket silicon, and copper riveted the stack to the lid. Then I cut and formed a stainless steel flue cap for the top of the stack, and placed the grates inside to see if the bolts were too long.

    Next I need to build the basket. I have a piece of 1/4" plate to use as a heat sink/diffuser, and I found the bottom of an old pot belly stove, to use as an ash tray. Its coming together!
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  4. All done! Built the basket today, have 4" legs on it. Ash catcher is the cast iron base from an old pot belly stove, that I dug out of an abandoned homestead.

    Did a quick burn to get rid of trace oils, and to see what kind of temps I can get. Used some charcoal, and some wood scraps.

    All intakes open, temp settled in at 450F. Regulating the vents, I held 220 for a couple hours. Seems like this is gonna work  out fine!

    Thin blue smoke!

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