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  1. After a long, long time away from the smoker, I'm almost there. My Plug-n-Play controller will be here Monday completing my smoker build. The curing time will give me time to learn the new controller with a couple dry runs. I picked up 18 pounds of loin yesterday. After trimming and cutting chops for a couple meals, I wound up with 5 pieces of loin weighing 15 pounds total. I'm also curing two small venison roasts too.

    Meat with chops and trimmings.

    Bagged with the sugar and cure.

    I'm using Bearcarver's method, but I thoroughly mixed cure and sugar like SQWIB does. It was easier for me to get good coverage on the meat.

    Thickest piece was 2 1/2" so I'm planning on  9 days in the cure. 5+2+2 extra just to be sure of good penetration of the cure. With luck, many more Q-Views to follow.

    It's been over 30 years since I've had my own smoked goodies. Getting excited.
  2. That should be some great CB. Good luck with your new controller.[​IMG]
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    We'll be watching!
  4. 30 years is a long time away from smoking your own stuff, but it looks like you will have to wait no longer for some very tasty smoked meats!!  I'll be watching for all that goodness to come out of the smoker.  Walmart here has half boneless pork loins for 1.97lb this week so I'll be making some C-bacon myself.  Reinhard
  5. Controller is here! Have to wait till tonight to play though. Have to watch the Granddaughter till Daddy gets home. Going to smoke some cheese to practice till the meat finishes curing.
  6. Controller is installed and operational! Got a couple pounds of cheddar cold smoking over a cherry filled Amazn smoker. Bass and Pike fillets are defrosting so I can brine and smoke tomorrow. CB in 5 more days. I'm back in business!
  7. Glad to have you back smoken. I started a CB brineing this AM my local store had whole loins $1.29 Lb. picked up 2.I'll be posting what I did later
  8. Well, it finally happened. Success! My first try at Canadian Bacon and venison ham in my smoker turned out great. I followed Bearcarver's method step by step and things turned out great. My family loves the results. Thank you Mr. Bear!

    Soaking after the cure.

    After overnight in the fridge.

    Ready to come out!


    Taste test. The pan was full till my wife smelled it cooking. salt was perfect.

    Beautiful color and texture.

     Back in business.
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  9. Nice job on the CB and Ham your wive must be related to mine LOL
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    Looks great , nice job !
  11. Looks really good! Followed your smoke build too, congratulations on getting her up and running! I too run a Auberins PID and love the ease with which you can control your smoker, you made a wise choice!

    And the CB really has me interested in trying some of that.

    Thanks for posting.

    One last item, do you have any bear to smoke?
  12. Unfortunately, no bear this year. However, I've got 9 deer in the freezer with four days left in the season. Still have three tags to fill. Lots of extra meat to use in the smoker this winter.
    Defiantly try doing CB with Bear's step by step. If I can do it anyone can.
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  13. Wow, that's a lot of venison! I have 3 deer, some elk from last year and a bunch of salmon. Will keep me busy through the winter!

    Wow, 9 deer[​IMG], lot of fun time in the field!
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    Great job! And thanks for the population control on the pesky deer!
  15. I went from your smoker build to here and then I had to go back through this weeks adds. Thought I remembered seeing pork loin on sale somewhere and I got lucky as today was the last day.

    This was on sale @$1.77#. A little chunk will go into a pot of kraut and the rest I will make my first attempt at CB. I think I will follow Bears Step by Step as everything else I have done from there has worked for me.

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