My tri Tip Experience

Discussion in 'Beef' started by macwarrior, May 26, 2011.

  1. This is my second attempt at smoking anything and my first attempt at smoking a tri tip.
    My first smoking experience was a flop. I tried to smoke 1 rack of pork baby backs. I made the mistake of taking advice from a co-worker. "You have to drink lots of beer when smoking." Don't do it. This is untrue.

    Anyway, here's my tri tip experience.

    At 11:30 I put on my rub, bagged and refrigerated the meat then I lit the coals. Temp came up to about 180  in about an hour. That's when I put the meat in the smoker. I put 2 chunks of 2" by 3" oak that were soaked. The temp dropped and stayed at 150 to 180. I tried opening vents and the bottom door. Tried adding dry wood. I decided to start more coals, get them ready in a metal pot. Once the new coals were all white I but them into the smoker on top of the others. IT WORKED! The temp came up to about 230 degrees f.
    I also boiled about 2 cups of water on the stove and added that about every hour to keep the water pan full.

    It was all worth it. This tri tip turned out a perfect medium rare and juicy.
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    It really sounds good, but we have a saying here:


    But since your new we'll give you a pass this time.

    Have you been to roll call to introduce yourself so we can all give you a SMF welcome?
  3. Yea I know. I thought about a picture to late. I usually take pictures of my grilled foods but I just forgot.

    Yes, I did chime in on "Roll Call'"

    SmokinAl. Would you please tell me a few things about this site?

    How do I make a signature?

    Is the "Album" on my profile for pictures?


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    This site has tons of info.

    I would suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

    Then use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

     Take the free E-Course too..

    Have a great day!!!


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    hmmmm no pics, sounded good though
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    Well it SOUNDS like it came out good but hard to tell with no pics.
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    I would have loved to see that Tri-Tip,

    But like AL said Your new so we'll let it slide this time. [​IMG]   LOL
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    Hmmmm..., no pics, ...sounds like a good excuse to smoke some more Tri-tip.


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