My thoughts on my first smoke (halved chicken)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by euphboy, Apr 12, 2015.

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    I just received my AMNPS yesterday, and as it was the first really nice spring day, I decided to get out and smoke. I have done some smoking with foil pouches for a few years, and they have turned out fairly well. As I have yet to buy a dedicated smoker (putting some money aside each month to save for it, but keep spending it on the AMNPS, the pellets, I want a Maverick, etc.), I am smoking on my bbq. I preheated the bbq and checked the temp (275). I should have started the AMNPS at the same time as I lit the q, and I definitely should have read the instructions better on lighting it. The AMNPS went out twice during my smoke. I ended up lighting it properly on the third try, and it worked like a charm.  After the second time lifting my grate on a hot grill, I ended up just putting the smoker box on the grill beside the chicken. When the chicken was done, it looked fantastic, and tasted even better. I have been making the family meals since I met my wife 15 years ago, and I can't remember anything ever tasting as good...and the crispy skin was outstanding. After I was done, I let the bbq cool down and then smoked some boiled eggs to make smoked deviled eggs for an evening snack (my apologies that there are no pictures, but they were gone too quickly). I have warned my wife that there will be an awful lot of smoked food over the next few months...she didn't complain.

    Next time I will:

    Start the AMNPS when I start the preheat

    Start the AMNPS earlier

    Put the AMPS lower in the setup (but that is hard on the bbq)

    Start the eggs earlier so I can have them with dinner

  2. Yeah, get your AMNPS going early, It burns very slowly anyway. You want to make sure is going good.

    Good Luck on the next batch

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    Here's  another great idea , start a "Log Book " of all your BBQ Cooks , include everything , and you'll see your proficiency increase , [​IMG]  .

    Have fun , and . . .

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