My Tease To Tomorrow!

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  1. Happy 2015 dearest winos!

    Alas, I will get to make my reverse sear smoked bone-in ribeye meal tomorrow! (This got canceled on New Year's Eve). And so come back, and share your tastes and toasts as well!

    Happy new year!

    - Your Friendly Neighborhood Wine Goddess :grilling_smilie::devil::yahoo:
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  2. It should be good! CHEERS and happy New Year!

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thank you David! I am excited!!!
    Happy 2015!
    Cheers! - Leah
  4. disco

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    I have a glass of wine and I await in anticipation.

  5. waterinholebrew

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    Lookin forward to your Q view Leah ! I love a good ribeye, one of my weaknesses !
  6. Good Morning Gorgeous Wine Gulpers!
    It's 4:23 a.m, it's going to be a snow day here, and the Bacchanalian activity shall begin in just some hours.
    More then!🍷🍴
    Cheers and happy Saturday!!! Make it amazing!!! - Leah
  7. daveomak

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    :popcorn ..... I'm in.. GOOD MORNING !!!!!
  8. welshrarebit

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    I'm in as well...

    Aloha kakahiaka.... That's good morning in Hawaiian.
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  10. disco

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    Looks delicious!

  11. 1. And so, I took a Trader Joe's bone-in rib roast (grass fed New Zealand meat) and cut it apart.

    2. I pureed into the food processor some Cyprus sea salt, (1 cup) and fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage.

    3. I added into that dehydrated garlic flakes, red pepper flakes, and fennel seeds.

    4. I ribbed the steaks with this salt-herb rub, and MEANT to add olive oil and make a "slush" and entirely forgot. Next time!

    5. I REVERSE SEARED, as I smoked for 5 minutes at 280 with hickory chips on my beloved POS Brinkmann gas smoker that has been my sole smoker for anything on this forum that I have posted so far. How grateful am I.

    6. Then I made pest with flat leaf parsley, basil, elephant garlic and some truffle flavored Marcona almonds from Trader Joe's (food processor) and it was the best pesto I have ever made!

    7. I then seared the steaks 8 minutes - mostly on the fat sides, or only really. Hot grill, natural Cowboy charcoal.

    8. And smoked the papaya mopped in grapseed oil, and for 15 minutes on 280.

    9. Crirmini mushrooms in grapeseed oil, were grilled on the grill's edges for 25 minutes.

    I chopped the smoky papaya (love!) into the pesto.

    10. Meat rested 21 minutes.

    I loved this! I did!

    Hall Cabernet - 1 bottle for me - was the pairing.


    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

    Happy 2015!

    Cheers! Leah
  12. Thank you Disco! This was a treat! Cheers! - Leah
  13. A bit overcooked for me, but I was hell bent on getting the epic fat on these cooked, as I wanted to eat every bit, and did, and so I allowed, this one time, for the meat to be somewhat overcooked.

    Normall, I need it COLD in the middle and yet that is with game, and no fat. A tricky battle to cook fat and still have cold in the middle. Any advice?

    Cheers! - Leah
  14. daveomak

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    At first glimpse, going through the pic file, I thought, "We aren't going to get to see this meat sliced open..."...... Then..... Thank GAWD.... she didn't over cook it... I'm happy now.... cheers...

    How stupid of me to even THINK it was overcooked... that chow gets more attention than a 4 year old at a Steuben Glass showing....
  15. Mr. Omak, thank you so much!

    I am honored for your input, as you and I both agree on cold in the middle meat and yet usually I am eating lean GAME meat and thus do have it blood red or Burgundy colored.

    In order to cook this fat, (as I ate every single globule of that crispy goodness), I had to acquiesce and eat the meat semi-rare (to my standard) and yet rare to most.

    It WAS delicious, and because of the fat, I could handle it this cooked. BUT, as you know, had it been elk or something without fat, (kangaroo, ostrich or my beloved emu as it be), I would have needed it way less.

    Regardless, I am so glad you are here, and enjoyed! The flavor, was off the charts and really amazing!!!

    Happy 2015!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  16. noboundaries

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    Perfection Leah!  It may have been overcooked for you but that's juuuuuuussssttttt how I like my bone-in ribeye.  We're off to the market shortly so ribeyes just went on the shopping list.  We haven't opened the Hall Cab yet but we will when the meat comes off the grill. 

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  17. Thank you tons Ray!

    This really was tremendous despite being a tad overcooked to me. But good! The sea salt crust was really good!

    Enjoy your ribeye and Hall Cabernet! In my humble ambulatory mind and palate, it was the very perfect match!

    Cheers!!!! - Leah (And share with us here!!!) The more the merrier and I want more folk to enjoy this wino section and post all their fun!
  18. daveomak

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    Morning Leah..... Bride and I enjoy the HEATHEN table fare also... American Onion Soup, "lobstah", and rib steak..(2 1/2" fried in a CI skillet.. and split down the middle..)

    Do you have any idea what great neighbors we would make... We could fight over who cooks meat the least....

  19. Yes! Yes! And YESSSSSSSSSS! This is what I'm talking about! Dave that is magnificent and I am so happy you posted here! Happy anniversary and new year and all things!

    That is fantastic!!!

    Salivating even!

    May everyone feel welcome to always drop right into these threads (any of mine no matter what section I am in as I don't care and love that we SHARE it) but certainly too, anything here in the winos group. Wine is to be shared, food is to be shared, good times are to be shared. This is for everyone!

    And damn, did I love that dinner Dave! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I want lobster!!! Power of suggestion!!???

    Happy Saturday to all! Cheers! - Leah
  20. Leah 

    It looks MY T FINE!

    Happy smoken.


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