my stores version of a country style rib..done my way...haha. w/Q-view

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  1. so the wife came home with something that our local grocery store calls a country style one big piece of pork with about 7or8 1/4" slits on one side and the back has just a little fat..looks like a big flat pork loin with cuts in it.[​IMG]  its not a bad cut of meat, but like a loin theres not enough fat on it to be smoked/or cooked long without turning it into leather..haha.

    so anyways i decided since she bought it, i'd smoke it...i threw both McCormacks cowboy rub and sweet and smoky rub on it and ran her for about 2hrs...didnt take long because of those damn slits in the i cranked her out at 275*. now for the view!! enjoy. i didnt get a pre smoke pic, wish i did so yall could see what i was talking anyways..... check it out.

    heres the final foiled product, you can see how shes still steamin after about an hour. can you see the slits in the meat?

    sliced up nicely..very juicy. and took very well to the cherry pellets.

    closer shot..slight smoke ring...and sorry if this pic makes it look dry, i guarantee it was not. i picked up one piece and squeezed it like a lemon  in my hand and filled a shot glass with juice...yum...

    closeup of that onion in the previous smoked red and yellow was red onion tho, since thats all we had on hand... ill still take it..anyday..yess sir!

    plated end product with my smokey red onion and wife decided to make mac-n-cheese...deelishus!!

    well ladies and gents in the words of porky pig(oops) thats all folks!! [​IMG]

     thanks for looking.[​IMG]
  2. daveomak

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    T&B .... Looks good enough to eat from here .....    [​IMG]  .....
  3. thanks Dave. i still for the life of me cant figure out what cut of meat it is...label says country style rib...ill have to snap a pic of what it looks like at the grocery grocery store doesnt have too much meat i asked for a brisket once and the guy said oh yeh, theyre over here.....walked around(away from the beef section) and ended up in pork with a tray of butts with a sticker that said pork brisket! haha..
  4. pgsmoker64

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    Country ribs huh?  Well, looks good to me, whatever it is!

    Great job,

  5. bearcarver

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    T & B,

    I know exactly what you mean. They sell those perforated things here too. I think they're slices from the shoulder area. Then they cut the partial slits in them. Before I had a smoker, I used to complete the slits, and run them around on my rotisserie.

  6. lol. thanks.[​IMG]
    you might be right there looks like its a shoulder piece kinda...[​IMG]  but who knows... thanks for stoppin in. [​IMG]
  7. seenred

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    Whatever it is, it looks great smoked!  Nice goin' T&B!

  8. bearcarver

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    Just found this:

    In the mid to late 80's, to keep up with the demand for "Country Style Ribs", pork shoulder butts (Boston Butt) were split in two underneath the blade bone and cut into strips on the saw, some boneless, some bone in. These so called 'ribs' cut from the shoulder are 99% of the Country Style Ribs that you see today in the supermarkets and your large chain box stores (Sam's, Costco, etc). They are by no means 'ribs', but a tasty cut for the grill.

  9. thanks red! :):yahoo:
    Interesting...very interesting find bear. They're right about them being tasty. Lol.:sausage:

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