My soon to be Patio Style BBQ trailer

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     I was just given a small 20 ft overall 5th wheel trailer for free!! I've been looking for one for about a year and it was only 10 miles away!!'

    After cutting down 2 pines in the way my buddy is going to ramp truck it to my shop, the bathroom is right in front of the entry door,so i'll keep it and gut the rest. I can use an air mattress over the hitch after unpacking the area at a contest, I'll open up the last 5 feet into a open patio with a back ramp with plug in legs and railing to extend the patio to 9 feet, if I'm at a contest with 20 by 20 spots leave the ramp up and it will still fit !! I wanted it just for the frame, but it is good enough to save the shell, and use the removed siding to finish off the porch area. 150 bucks to move it makes it worth only using the frame if we decide to go that way.trailer is plumed for water ,gray water,and toilet,wired, has hot water heater,heat,and once gutted will be easy to set up. I'll add a 3by 4 Concession window on the curb side also.

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