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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by doughboysfast, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. doughboysfast

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    I have made a few post on here and have shown a few things that I have cooked and everyone usually ask what my smoker looks like, so here it is!!!!  its not much to look at but it cooks really well and I am pretty proud of that since this is the first smoker I have ever laid out and built on my own from start to finish!!!!

    the only thing i wasnt sure about on this smoker was the aluminum grates but they work great!!!!

    I am always open to suggestions or constructive criticism so fire away!!!

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  2. demosthenes9

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    Nice looking smoker.   I can see all sorts of things that I'd probably do differently, but at the end of the day, the important thing is whether the smoker does what you want it to do?  And are you happy with the way it operates ?

    If the answer to both those questions is "yes", then it's all good  [​IMG]
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  3. doughboysfast

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    to answer both of those questions with a yes is easy for me to do since I am new to this!!  yes it cooks good and I usually cook around 235 - 250 degrees and this smoker sits right at those temps all day with very little work,,,

    with that said I would not of asked for advice or criticism if I wasn't going to take it if it was given to me!!

    so if you see some things that could make it better or if you see something you think I should try please fire away!!

    I am a sponge when it comes to learning new crafts so please help if you can!!!
  4. rvial

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    What did you male it out of?
  5. doughboysfast

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    My dad runs a plumbing supply warehouse and a lot of the plumbers leave old tanks by the dumpster so I had a choice between this one which was a water tank or a old hot water heater tank but this one just had better dimensions! Do short answer is a old water tank!

    what I really liked about it is that the bottom has a nice contour so I gained a little room between the coals and the cooking surface!
  6. rvial

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  7. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper

    Coool! Lucky you huh?

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