My smoker build.

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  1. This started with a food hot box I purchased from a used restaurant supply store. I installed a draft in the door and vent with a dampener in the top. The old heating elements were removed and I installed a 1100 watt hot plate element in the bottom. My control box has the digital temp control and outlet for the cocktail shaker smoke generator. The toggle switch controls if I want the heat element on or off , ie cold smoking just reading temp. I installed a stainless steel baffle plate to even out the heat.

  2. maple sticks

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    Nice looking setup. Will be interested in some Q-view.
  3. Thanks Maple Sticks, I have smoked some cheese and sausage sticks before I joined. Next time I get something going will have some pics. Did find some of the cheese.

  4. Looks like a pretty sweet setup man, enjoy! 

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