My smoker - Any suggestions?

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  1. Hello All,

    This palce has been awesome so far! Below is a pic of my smoker. Any suggestions to modifications or what may needed to improve this guy? Thanks!

  2. Question #1 - What unit (brand/model) is that?

    Question #2 - Anything you feel is lacking?
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  3. It's a Char Broil 590,

    It leaks a little bit out of the chargoal grate area, I noticed it the first smoke, but the second time it wasn't as bad, so maybe it needed a bit of heat to sort of seal itself. I'm not sure
  4. I have a cabinet style smoker, but I think you're probably experiencing "new smoker" fine tuning. Give it a good seasoning run with everything but meat in it for a good couple of hours. That may help seal up some of those leaky spots. Good luck!!!
  5. Looks like the lid may need a gasket to seal it. I ordered one from amazon for 21.00 with shipping yesterday. Also if your stack don't come down to the grate you may need to extend it with a can or flashing. Also a temp gauge for the grate where the meat will actually be cooking Cause the temp where the meat sits will be the temp you want to know.with a little math you can then figure what temp the stock thermometer should be at to give you the temp you need on the grate. Also as DrtRd say's. Season the unit. Very important. Happy smokin:grilling_smilie:


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