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  1. I started building this over the summer and before it was finished I had to try a dry run on it. It was running temps so even I started cooking on it and didn't look back. Sorry I didn't get pictures through the entire build.
    60 gallon CH compressor tank sitting on a trailer frame I have sitting around.
  2. I slit the four corners and made the cut along the top with a sawzall,then welded the hinges on on before I cut the rest
  3. I've since changed the door hinges.
    The fire box is from half of an 80 gallon compressor tank,it's a 1951 vintage. Almost three times as thick as the cooking chamber.I used it as a pig spit in the past
  4. I can actually get the temp higher at the stack end if I stoke it.
    I used Felton's calculator. The fire box is approximately 28% over sized.
    The opening I cut an 8 inch circle and traced it on both tanks then cut them out. Then cut some pieces to get it all welded together. I have five clay bricks stacked by the fire box opening
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    Interesting, thanks for sharing.

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