my shrimp

Discussion in 'Non-fish Seafood' started by slickjack, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. 180 for 35 minutes, amazing no seasoning just natural with cherry
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    Looks good, but where they dry? I usually shy away from smoking shrimps for that reason. I fried about 5 doz. for the family for lunch today and thought about the smell of smoke the whole time.


    When ya have a chance would ya please update your location in your profile? Easily done by clicking the Profile icon on the above task-bar. That way we know a bit more anout your locale for discussions.

    Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye !!
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  3. I never thought of it either unltill Line Pelltier from Masterchef Canada mentioned it, I did a search on it and found this site, joined and here I am. Wasn't dry at all, low heat, I let it smoke for 30 minutes before putting the shrimp in cause I wanted max smoke for time, stayed at 180 untill the tails turned orage and they were moist and crunchy, not tough but you could feel a slight crunch going thru the shrimp fiber, like with a shrimp ring, the cherry smoke really added  a lot to the flavor, The steak I cooked to go with it was not good, no fat on the sirloin tips, no fat = no taste, but that has nothing to do with the smoke, 1st world BBQ  issues.

    I changed my location, all I could see was time zone. let me know if there is a different place, I Am in NB Canada, Moncton to be precise. 
  4. And I love this forum!!! So full
  5.  Those shrimp look great. I love some smoked shrimp, but I usually put some butter and creole seasoning on them.

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    SJ, those shrimp look delicious !
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    I like your keep it simple naked shrimp approach! Letting the meat shine through with minimal to no seasoning is a great way to cook. If you really feel courageous leave the shrimp in for a few hours at the lower temp. Shrimp jerky is tasty!

  8. Thanks for the suggestion, I am courageous and now have to try shrimp jerky.[​IMG]
  9. I've tried smoking shrimp twice this way and they seemed limp and maybe slightly undercooked (not unsafe) both times. I'm going to bump the heat up next time. The shrimp I used were thawed and slightly mushy in texture when raw, the best I can get locally. I used alder the first time and apple the second.

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